Akron Travel Guide to Family Attractions near Wilmot

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Amish Door Village
1210 Winesburg Street, US 62
Wilmot, Ohio 44689
(888) 264-7436

Ohio is well known for its Amish Country, and the delights the community offers at the Amish Door Village and restaurant, just a mile away from Wilmot. Step back into a more relaxed, easy-going era and enjoy some wonderful Amish cuisine and family-friendly Christian entertainment. They have a dinner theatre and gospel concerts as well as a special Christmas celebration: 'Christmas at the Inn.' Their bakery offers fresh Amish style breads, pies, cakes, cookies and donuts prepared from the finest ingredients. Health-conscious visitors will appreciate the sugar-free pies, apple butter and muffins. It's enough to tempt you to leave the cozy confines of your Wilmot Bed and Breakfast.

Lynn Auto Drive In Theatre

9735 State Route 250
NW Strasburg, Ohio 44680
(330) 878-5797

Come "see the Stars under the Stars" in this old fashioned drive-in theater built in  1937. It's the oldest theatre of its kind in Ohio, but despite its old world charm, the theatre has had many upgrades such as the addition of a  second screen so you can watch two movies, and vehicle radio sound. There's a concession stand as well as a snack bar. Check out the list of movies on their website. Strasburg is only about four miles from Wilmot, which makes it a great addition to your Akron travel plans.

Walnut Creek Cheese
2641 State Route 39
Walnut Creek, Ohio 44687

Have a weakness for cheese? Try Amish cheese at the Walnut Creek Farm, which belongs to the family of the first Amish settlers in Ohio. There are plenty of delicious foods and fresh produce which come without the "excess packaging and marketing costs that national brands incur." Walnut Creek is about 11 miles from Wilmot.

Der Dutchman Restaurant
4967 Walnut Street
Walnut Creek, Ohio 44687
(330) 893 2981  

This popular restaurant with homey Amish food, close to the farm, is located on a picturesque hilltop. From the front porch, you can get a glimpse of the Amish lifestyle and the beautiful farm-studded Goose Bottom Valley. Don't miss out on their delectable desserts and baked goodies. What's more, they serve  generous family portions. The restaurant certainly deserves a place on your Akron travel itinerary.

Farm at Walnut Creek  
4147 Cty Road 114
Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681

Exploring an Amish farm is an enjoyable way to spend time with your family. This farm sprawling across 120 acres boasts an international collection of more than 500 animals including giraffes, llamas and elk. You can hand feed these animals, tour Amish houses and non-electric farmhouses. You can watch people baking, blacksmithing, canning and quilting. There's fresh produce on sale.
Wilderness Center Inc.
9877 Alabama Avenue Southwest
Wilmot Ohio 44689
(330) 359-5325

This place makes for an ideal family outing. The center has animal and bird displays and fun activities. You can hike in the beautiful Zoar Woods with its mature trees and enjoy a wealth of wildflowers and ferns. The center also has  trails that traverse forests, meadows, prairie and wetlands. Keep the center in mind when you make your Akron travel plans.  

Baylor Beach Park
8725 Manchester Avenue Southwest
Baylor, Ohio 44662
 (330) 767-3031

Just about three miles from Wilmot, this well-maintained park offers plenty of family fun in a gorgeous setting. The park features a spring-fed waterpark, a canoe and kayak lake, picnic area, a mini golf course and campsites. It's a wonderful venue for spending some quality time with your family during your Wilmot Inn stay.