Visit the Pipe Creek Wilderness Area in Sandusky, OH

Tourism is booming in the city of Sandusky. It is located along Sandusky Bay in Ohio and near the shores of Lake Erie. With beautiful bodies of water surrounding the area, you can expect splendid views that attract many visitors. There are also plenty of gorgeous landscaped parks and wilderness areas that you can explore while you're vacationing at your Sandusky inn. One of these is the Pipe Creek Wilderness Area.

Pipe Creek Wilderness Area
F Street
Sandusky, OH
(419) 424-5000

The Pipe Creek Wilderness Area is a 97-acre wildlife park located within Sandusky's city limits, near the causeway heading to the Cedar Point Amusement Park. Overlooking Sandusky Bay, the wilderness area offers scenic views to guests. There are also plenty of activities to do while you're here.

You'll find a nesting colony of common terns, which are among the state's endangered species. The city government working in cooperation with the park's management protects these birds, particularly during the nesting season in spring and summer. The park also offers opportunities for other outdoor activities like fishing, hunting and hiking.

When it comes to fishing, channel catfish and bullheads are available for catching. These are present year round, but they are in larger numbers in the outer dikes of Sandusky Bay, especially from late May to July. Bullhead fishing is best done during April, while crappie fishing is ideal in April and May.

Facilities of the park have undergone improvements over the recent years to accommodate the growing number of visitors. At the intersection of River Avenue and F Street is a parking lot where you can park your vehicle. Access to the area is through a trail from the parking area. Restrooms and picnic pavilions are also available.

Great Wolf Lodge
4600 Milan Rd.
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 609-6000

Another must-see attraction during your stay at a Sandusky Bed and Breakfast is the Great Wolf Lodge. This is an indoor water park that encompasses 33,000 square feet of land. It's not only a hit among kids but also among older guests. Apart from the huge swimming pools, there is a wall for rock climbing, the Raccoon Lagoon and more than 60 water effects in the pools and tubs.

Lagoon Deer Park
SR 269
Sandusky, OH
(419) 684-5701

It's not every day that you can have close encounters with deer and other wildlife species, so while you're in this part of Ohio, take the chance to visit the Lagoon Deer Park. You will find more than 200 exotic animals at this site. The park has a stocked lagoon where you can catch some fish, and there are some picnic areas where you can sit back and relax.