Millersburg Things to Do: 4 Fun Amish Country Activities

For a trip back in time to the days where life seemed simpler and more wholesome, BBonline recommends a tour through Millerburg, Ohio's Amish Country. The visitor will be amazed at all the Millersburg Things to do and learn on their trip through Amish Country. The Amish have amazed tourists and locals near their communities for decades with their dedication to keeping life the way it was hundreds of years ago.

Shrock's Amish Farm
4363 State Route 39
Millersburg, OH 44654

For a truly educational experience the family will not soon forget, BBonline recommends a trip to Shrock's Amish Farm. It offers buggy rides through the farm and fields. It's also possible to ride the train through the nearby hills. A visit to an Amish home to learn how these people live from day to day is also a possibility. Seeing first-hand the close knit community and family ties is something most will not soon forget. Visitors may wish to take advantage of a wonderful Millersburg Bed and Breakfast close by.

The Amish Wedding Feast
(800) 935-5218

For a cultural and yet tasty experience, BBonline recommends The Amish Wedding Feast. Presented by local residents of the community, you'll learn how the Amish celebrate and prepare for one of the most important events in their lives. Visitors boast about the amount and the high quality of food prepared. Main dishes of chicken and meatloaf, followed by date nut pudding desserts and more extras than you can possibly consume make up the menu for the evening. One couple from the crowd is selected to play the role of the bride and groom and a sample of the ritual is carried out. The Amish Wedding feast is both entertaining and educational. You'll be stuffed before heading back to your Millersburg Inn to rest.

Amish Pie Baking
(330) 893-2368

You don't have to settle for simply purchasing a homemade Amish pie. BBonline recommends the Amish Pie Baking course taught by two local Amish sisters. The class is over 4 hours in duration, and the two sisters teach you all the secrets the Amish ladies use to create their world class, top quality confectionaries. You'll be taken through the process step by step to learn all the old fashioned secrets. The aroma of the freshly baked pies is nearly enough to send anyone off to paradise. However, when you taste the freshly baked goods and realize it was of your own creation, the experience becomes worth the time and effort.

Gramma Fannies Quilt Barn
(330) 893-3232

For the best in hand-stitched crafts, BBonline recommends Gramma Fannies Quilt Barn. Watch Amish ladies create the beautiful and vibrant patched quilts, all by hand. Gramma Fannies Quilt Barn offers visitors the opportunity to order their own custom made quilt. With more than 2,000 bolts of fabric, there is literally nothing in terms of design that they can't create.