5 Akron Attractions Worth Visiting from Mantua, OH

A variety of Akron attractions await you while visiting Mantua. Whether you're looking for a day at the park, interesting museums or getting up close to the animals, there is a day trip adventure available from your Mantua Inn.

Toy and Marble Museum
202 S Main St, Akron, OH

Kids like the hands-on projects and toys here, and if you're young at heart, you might find a memorable toy from your childhood. Akron has a history in the toy and marble industry, as you will find here. This museum encourages play and is free to the public. Check the website for times, as hours vary.

Inventors Hall of Fame Inventure Place
221 S Broadway St, Akron, OH

Inventure Place has something of interest to all ages. Adults enjoy the inventor displays and the younger ages like the hands-on things to do like playing the harp with no strings, or having fun with cameras that create stop motion animations. The hall of fame offers organized fun programs for children. The building's architecture alone is interesting.

Akron Zoo
500 Edgewood Ave
Akron, OH 44307-2199

The Zoo is one of the fun and informative Akron attractions, and it offers 50 acres of animals and adventures. With more than 700 animals, including endangered species, you will most likely find your favorite. Many people are fascinated by the Komodo dragon. Visit the butterfly garden on a summer day and play in the fountains, or join in one of the programs offered by the zoo. It is located just two minutes from the center of the city and will make a nice day trip from your Mantua Inn.

Metro Parks Summit County

The Metro Parks of Summit County offers a large variety and quantity of parks. The park system provides many programs and activities year round, with a variety of things to do for all ages. With more than 6,900 acres of varying landscapes, hike and bike trails, playgrounds and wildlife you will find something of interest.  

Goodyear Airdock
Akron Fulton Airport
Route 224 Waterloo Road

A trip to Akron is not complete without taking in a view of the historic airdock. Many blimps were built in the airdock for the Navy and Goodyear. You cannot go into the building, but it is worth a look. The amazing structure is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest building without interior supports. It is 22 stories high and large enough to hold four football games at once. It actually has its own atmosphere with clouds and rain. It is no longer used for the construction of blimps, and is now owned by Lockheed Martin. If you would like a chance to see the blimp, continue east on Waterloo Road into Suffield (about five miles) and you will see the sign with the Goodyear Blimp. Turn right and soon you will see the current airdock on your right. If you are lucky, the blimp will be flying and you can take in a landing and takeoff. It is an interesting process.

Akron attractions are plentiful from your Mantua Bed and Breakfast. With a list of museums including art, inventions and toys, to a walk with the animals, blimps and parks, you can find something to make your day trip an adventure.