Don't Miss These 4 Madison Sites and Attractions

Along the coasts of Connecticut, settled in New Haven County, is Madison. This seasonal favorite inspires travelers with its miles of sand and summer. But there is more to find here than waves and Madison sites offer a history that should not be forgotten. Let BBOnline recommend the 4 best alternatives to the common beaches.

Allis-Bushnell House
853 Boston Post Road
Madison, Connecticut 06443
(203) 245-4567

Wander from your Madison Inn to the Allis-Bushnell House. This one-story charmer displays the culture of New Haven. With its collection of furnishings, paintings, dolls, looms and more, it creates a complete picture of the 18th century. The details are carefully preserved and the traditions are shown. There is even an herb garden to explain Colonial farming practices. It will delight. The museum is open only from May until October, however, so scheduling is required. There is no admission charge but donations are happily accepted.

Smallpox Cemetery
Clapboard Hill
Madison, Connecticut 06443
(203) 245-4567

Hidden in the Guilford Woods is this a circle of stone, one of the most unique Madison sites. The Smallpox Cemetery records the deaths of soldiers who fell to the disease in 1760. Captain Ichabod Scranton and his troops had marched from New York to Madison, hoping to quell Native American campaigns. Sadly, though, he and his men all succumbed to small pox and were unable to complete their duties. Their burial ground was ignored by most until 1949 when the Historical Society wished to protect it. Now it is a must-see attraction. Guided tours must be scheduled, though, and guests are cautioned to dress appropriately for outdoor walking and mild climbs. Each tour will be determined by the weather and may be subject to cancellation.

Deacon John Grave Foundation
581 Boston Post Road
Madison, Connnecticut 06443
(203) 245-4798

Leave the modern convenience of your Madison Bed and Breakfast and return to the past. The Deacon John Grave Foundation invites you to experience a painstakingly restored look at the lives of one of Madison's oldest families. Chronicling over 6 generations of the Graves, this home will amaze. Exhibits are intimate and include such rare treats as personal letters, marriage certificates, invoices and more. It's not the typical museum. Instead it delves deep in the fates of men and women who helped to shape the town. It's not to be overlooked. The house is open seasonally, however, and closes during the winter months. Tours must be prearranged. 

The E.C. Scranton Memorial Library
801 Boston Post Road
Madison, Connnecticut 06443
(203) 245-7365

No trek through Madison would be complete without visiting the Scranton Library. Offered as a gift in 1901, it has become a favorite of all. Though its design reflects the influences of the 20th century (with its red brick walls and stout lines), it has been renovated throughout the years, making it a perfect blend of the old and the new. It houses over 100,000 texts and is invaluable to the town. You will learn much inside it. The library is open at convenient times: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday. Donations are welcomed.

While the coast will surely tempt, don't forget that Madison sites are soaked in history and will impress.