Wilmington Things to Do: Top 3 Surfing Spots

While the coast of North Carolina may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think about surfing, it's considered fine property for catching the waves, making surfing one of the great Wilmington things to do. Although the waves are not as intense as North Carolina's Pacific cousin, the California coast, the surfing season lasts longer and the water is warmer. So if you're hanging out on the East Coast and want to surf, BBonline presents 3 top surfing spots for your enjoyment.

Wrightsville Beach
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

The northernmost surf spot on our list is Wrightsville beach. If you're a long-boarder, head north up N Lumina Avenue until you see Shell Island Resort, then head east to the beach. The consistent breaks found along this stretch of Wrightsville make it a long-boarding favorite. The surf gets more erratic and heavy as you go south, so if you're up for a challenge or are looking for the big waves, turn left off of the Highway 76 bridge and take your third right down Columbia Street to get to the beach. Wrightsville does have some pretty specific rules on surfing their beach, so be aware. Leash rules are always in effect, and be aware also that surfing is prohibited within 500 feet of Johnnie Mercer's Fishing Pier and within 100 feet of Crystal Pier and the Masonboro Inlet Jetty. You're also not allowed to surf directly in front of one of the lifeguard stands. It may seem like a lot of red tape, but don't let that dissuade you from putting Wrightsville Beach on your list of Wilmington things to do.

Masonboro Island
Masonboro Island, North Carolina

Head south from Wrightsville Beach to find the long thin strip of Masonboro Island. Unlike Wrightsville, Masonboro Island is almost completely undeveloped and unpopulated, making it a great spot to get away from the city to catch some waves. The only catch of Masonboro is getting there. The'e s no bridge across the inlet, so you either need a boat or you have to paddle your way across. The best place to paddle across is from the southernmost edge of Wrightsville Beach. It should take no longer than 20 minutes, depending on conditions, and your reward will be some of the best surfing in North Carolina. The north end near the jetty is the prime surfing spot on Masonboro, although it can get crowded from time to time. If you have the ability, stock up on snacks before you leave your Wilmington Inn, as you won't find any restaurants here. This pristine surfing spot is a sure thing for your list of Wilmington things to do.

Kure Beach
Kure Beach, North Carolina

The southernmost one on our list, Kure Beach is sandwiched between the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area and the Carolina Beach State Park. The home of the East Coast Wahine Championships in 2001 and 2002 offers some good breaks, and is a good spot for beginning and more advanced surfers. To get there, just take highway 421 south from Wilmington, if you see Fort Fisher State Park, you've gone a little too far. Take an early start from your Wilmington Bed and Breakfast to catch the best waves on this North Carolina Beach.