5 Little-Known Waynesville Fishing Spots

If you are going to Waynesville, things to do on your vacation include should camping and fishing, along with shopping and hiking along nature trials. Of all of the activities that you have to choose from the most popular Waynesville things to do are fishing and camping. Waynesville has a variety of fishing spots that you can choose from, depending upon the type of fishing that you're looking for. BBonline suggests fishing at these places while in Waynesville.

Catalooche Group Camp  
3576 Ranger Station Road
Waynesville, NC 37876
(865) 436-1261

This group campground is great for the people who truly enjoy camping and everything that it has to offer. If you plan on fishing in the park, you need to be prepared with a fishing license, either a Tennessee or North Carolina one. When fishing inside the campground, also called a park, you will need to abide by the special regulations that are set forth. These include single hook, and no bait allowed, and you can only use artificial flies or lures. The camp is located a short drive from your comfortable Waynesville Inn.

Creekwood Farm RV Park
4696 Jonathan Creek Road
Waynesville, NC 28785
(800) 862-8110

Many people do not know about this as a fishing spot because of the fact that it's an RV Park. As long as you hold a valid fishing license, you can fish inside the RV Park along the running waters of Jonathan Creek. Once you have caught your fish you can either release them or bring them back to your site for dinner that night. The fishing that is offered is stocked trout fishing, but it's better than nothing.

Tender Mercy Retreat
383 Heath Retreat Road
Waynesville, NC 28786
(828) 648-3524

This retreat is the perfect place, because they're not well known for fishing. The main attraction at this little retreat is a gourmet lunch and a llama trek. The retreat sits on 36 acres and has a pond that is stocked with fish. You can practice catch and release, or you can catch them for dinner. For Waynesville things to do, this place should rank high on your list because it provides something for people to do that don’t enjoy fishing, such as your spouse. This place is within easy driving distance from your spacious Waynesville Bed and Breakfast.

Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains provide you with a large variety of rivers and streams to choose from for fishing. Some spots will be more crowded than others, but you can always wander around until you find one that's more secluded. You can fish year round in the park, a half hour before official sunrise and a half hour after official sunset. The one thing you need to be aware of is any streams and their tributaries that are off limits due to protection of the brook trout.

Tuckasegee River

This river runs through a large part of North Carolina, including Waynesville, so it makes a great fishing spot. If you have a valid fishing license you can fish anywhere along the banks of the river (as long as it's not on private property). The best time to fish along this river is during the early mornings and late evenings.