A Guide to the Restaurants in Vilas, NC

The Portuguese are renowned for their delicious food dishes, and Vilas means "village" in Portuguese. This is a good omen for food lovers who will not be disappointed with the choice of restaurants in Vilas, North Carolina. Friends and families usually meet up in one of the many Vilas restaurants to catch up on the latest news, or to plan the next day's activities over a delicious meal. Visitors can get in on the act to by staying in a Vilas Inn and planning which restaurants to dine in during their vacation.

Valley Grill
9258 US 421 N
Vilas, NC 28692
(828) 297-1200

This is a firm family favorite in Vilas. The aromas of the sizzling grilled food will probably have you eating more than you intended to. The Valley Grill has a menu with a huge selection of grilled dishes, from seafood to steaks, and the prices are very reasonable in this friendly restaurant.

Spear's BBQ and Grill
183 Villa Dr.
Vilas, NC 28692
(828) 765-0026

One of the oldest restaurants in Vilas, Spear's BBQ and Grill is more like a part of the local history. Almost everyone who lives in Vilas has eaten here, and the rainbow trout is something of a specialty according to locals. Ribeye steaks are another favorite with local diners. However, the restaurant can sometimes be a little on the expensive side for some dishes, so check before you order anything exotic.

Dan'l Boone Inn Restaurant
130 Hardin St.
Vilas, NC 28607-4154
(828) 264-8657

Living up to a name like this is quite a challenge, but the chefs and staff at the Dan'l Boone Inn Restaurant succeed time and again. This is Southern cooking at its best and at its most delicious. Diners rave about the desserts on offer, so make sure you leave enough space to try one or possibly two sweet treats. There are customers who have been eating here for more than 10 years, which just goes to show that standards, service and the food at the Dan'l Boone Inn Restaurant are exceptional.

Mary's Kitchen
309 Laurel Fork Road
Vilas, NC 28692-9169
(828) 264-1920

This restaurant keeps the whole family happy with a selection of popular dishes and a comprehensive range of sweets and refreshments. Mary's Kitchen is another Vilas restaurant with a loyal following, not only for its delicious food, but also for its value for money. After eating as much as you can in Mary's Kitchen, it's nice to know that you can head back to your comfortable Vilas Bed and Breakfast to relax.

Black Cat Burrito Restaurant
127 S. Depot St.
Vilas, NC 28607
(828) 263-9511

Bring a hearty and healthy appetite to this restaurant. It has a well-deserved reputation for fresh food and great prices. The burritos are reputed to be awesome, huge and unique. Even the names of the burritos on the menu will stop you in your tracks, like the "Don't be a Jerk" burrito with pineapple, and others. Black Cat Burrito Restaurant is locally owned, and tasty bites on the menu not to be missed include the queso and chips, chicken wings and the special nachos and dips.