New Bern Restaurants: The Best Barbeque and Grill Restaurants in New Bern

When you are looking for good southern food, you cannot beat the list of New Bern Restaurants we found for you to try. Once you've settled into your New Bern Bed and Breakfast, take the time to treat yourself in a few of the best Barbeque and Grills in the state.

Krak's BBQ‎
108 Whooping Crane Lane
New Bern, North Carolina
(252) 637-4530‎

A member of the BBQ Association, they pride themselves on being more than the typical barbeque and grill. When you sit down to eat, you will see that they have five different menus. Each menu has a set theme. The first list is a set of traditionally cooked BBQ and grilled foods, famous throughout the state of North Carolina, that follows their pork style BBQ and grilled meat. The second is their Exotic Ribs menu that has Rasta ribs, served with Jamaican ingredients that give it a real spicy taste and flavor, and their Tibet-styled BBQ King Gampo Ribs, another one of their spicy dishes on the menu. The third is their Foreign menu that lists BBQ foods from all over the world. The last is the Worldly menu, that has a list of the world’s most famous BBQ dishes, two of which are from Texas. The food is prepared on a big grill that gives the food a nice smoky taste. The staff is very friendly and keep the building looking clean at all times. With such a diverse menu, the prices are reasonable. This is BBOnline's first pick of New Bern Restaurants, and you won't be disappointed. We recommend this restaurant to try while visiting your New Bern Inn.

Friday's 1890 Seafood & BBQ‎
2307 Neuse Boulevard
New Bern, North Carolina
(252) 637-2276

In most New Bern Restaurants, you will find the traditional pork BBQ, but this restaurant also serves grilled and barbequed seafood. When you visit here, your wait will not be long. They're quick to have you seated and take your order. They have a very friendly staff that are attentive and maintain a clean environment. On their menu, you will find many shrimp dishes, a lot of oyster entrees and a variety of fish plates. They also have many southern styled pork BBQ plates and grilled BBQ sandwiches. You get a decent amount of food that's well worth the money you pay. Perfect for a date night or a relaxing lunch.

Moore's Barbecue‎
3711 U.S. 17
New Bern, North Carolina
(252) 638-3937‎

Here is another great location for good BBQ and grilled foods. They serve grilled seafood and an array of BBQ meats. They have a great staff and maintain a large seating area. The menu is very diverse and has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. The meats cook inside a wood burning grill and are coated with vinegar. The side dishes of slaw, baby shrimp and baby potatoes are an excellent size and worth the money. You are sure to enjoy this nice treat while you're visiting a New Bern Bed and Breakfast.