Visit the NC Arboretum while in Fletcher

If you plan on spending your vacation in Fletcher, don't miss out on visiting the NC Arboretum. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, which is only a few miles away from Fletcher, the NC Arboretum showcases the relationship between people and plants and the importance of plants to our environment. Garden demonstrations, research and economic development are among the main attractions of the NC Arboretum, as well as some arts exhibits. Before going back to your Fletcher Inn after a day of touring Asheville, make sure to visit the NC Arboretum.

The North Carolina Arboretum
100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way
Asheville, NC 28806-9315
(828) 665-2492

Gardens and Collections

One large part of the NC Arboretum is the 65 acres of land dedicated to cultivated gardens. The Quilt Garden shows an exceptional interpretation of traditional quilt block patterns with plants. Each season, the designs of this garden change, and each year, a theme is generated for the garden's display. The NC Arboretum also boasts of their Bonsai Collection, a 100-specimen display set in a specially designed garden setting.

Seasonal Landscape Exhibits

Every year, the NC Arboretum holds an exhibit that will put on view some of the best plant productions and designs by selected garden performers. New plants are also main attractions of this exhibit, as well as the floral representations of traditional quilt patterns for the Quilt Garden. To give enough time for plant reproduction, the designs are done and completed 10 to 12 months before the exhibit.

Under Glass Exhibits

There are two ways to learn about the importance of plants to people and the entire planet, and these are through the Production Greenhouse and Exhibit Greenhouse at the NC Arboretum. The Production Greenhouse, which is open on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., houses the plants which are produced for display in many areas of the Arboretum. Under this glass greenhouse, various technologies are used for the efficient production of plants, including the Priva Environmental Control System, rolling benches and drip irrigation.

Emissaries of Peace: The Cherokee and British Delegations of 1762

Another indoor exhibit to look forward to from your stay in Fletcher is the Emissaries of Peace Exhibit in the NC Arboretum. Produced by the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, the exhibit displays the memoirs made by Lt. Henry Timberlake, the person responsible for the best and fullest account of 18th-century Cherokee life. It also displays artifacts that date back to the 18th century such as peace pipes, weapons, tableware, uniforms, clothing and maps. You can visit this place while staying at a Fletcher Bed and Breakfast.