Staying in Dillsboro? Train Rides and Other Family Fun

Nestled in North Carolina is Dillsboro; a tiny gathering of artisans and antiquities. Though this small town may seem an unlikely escape, its mountain surroundings and family-friendly atmosphere will charm. Whether enjoying the Dillsboro train or searching for nature, travelers will find the fun they crave. BBOnline recommends this easy answer for any vacation.

Great Smokey Mountain Railroad
119 Front Street
Dillsboro, North Carolina 28725
(800) 872-4681

Wake to the pleasures of your Dillsboro Inn and then seek the beauty beyond. The Great Smokey Mountain Railroad leads you and your family through 52 miles of breathtaking countryside. This engrossing trip will offer peaks and perfection. Historical landmarks and even film sets (many movies have borrowed the tracks and left their props behind) will be seen. Ride in restored luxury cars and enjoy. Most departures begin at 11 a.m. on Saturdays and take over 4 hours to complete. Children must be at least 7 years old to participate, due to railway regulations. Advanced reservations are strongly recommended.

Dillsboro River Company
18 Macktown Road  
Dillsboro, North Carolina 28725
(866) 586-3797

After the slow turns of the Dillsboro train, bring your family to the shores of excitement. Follow the waves and rapids of the Tuckaseegee River. With experienced guides to lead you, you'll be able to conquer the water. The River Company provides rafts, kayaks and the proper tutelage to use them. The lessons are efficient and easily learned, even by the young. And you will never be alone. It's an adventure unlike any other. From May 1 to October 1, this tour is open daily and is perfect for families (though individuals must weigh at least 40 pounds to participate). The rates are reasonable - $15.00 for adults; $10.00 for children - and groups are encouraged. Sail, swim and picnic through an afternoon.

Ducks on the Tuck
Scott Creek Bridge
Dillsboro, North Carolina 28725
(800) 962-1911

Travel from your Dillsboro Bed and Breakfast to this annual event that is certain the please. Ducks on the Tuck is a quaint tradition of releasing rubber ducks off of the Scott Creek Bridge and letting them wander the Tuckaseegee River. The one that can survive the water and reach the finish line first wins. And it could be the one your child selects (or brings, as guests are allowed to provide their own toy). The festival begins April 24 and is an all-day affair. Families will enjoy the happy atmosphere, gentle competition and street vendors. Prizes are offered and all proceeds help to fund the New Century Scholars Scholarship. Entry fees will apply.

Art at the Park
Jackson County Green Energy Park
Dillsboro, North Carolina 28725
(828) 631-0271

Children of all ages will enjoy this unique experience. The Jackson County Green Energy Park (heralded for its conservation efforts and environmental programs) allows visitors the chance to shape their own corner of the world. This annual event offers interactive projects and games - perfect for those needing to express themselves. Glassblowing, sculpturing, pottery painting and sidewalk scribbling are just a sample of what you can find. All are encouraged to color. It's one of a kind. The festival occurs on September 18th and begins at 9 a.m.. Donations to the park are encouraged.

For family fun BBOnline suggests the Dillsboro train and other attractions. You won't be disappointed. You'll simply be thrilled.