Windham Shopping: Finding What You Want in Antique Stores

When it comes to Windham Shopping, the antique experience has lots to offer. There is such an irresistible variation of things that you might be loaded down with purchasers the day you check out of your Windham Bed and Breakfast. We at BBOnline, have listed below the cities finest antique shops in the area that have been around for years and sell amazing pieces at affordable prices and have a wide selection of merchandise to explore.

Kings of Old
5316 State Route 23
Windham, New York 12496
(518) 734-5768‎

For years, Windham has been known as the Land of the Sky. This antique store has the who's who of Windham Shopping. When you search for great pieces that can tell a story, this is your shop. Many of the pieces you find here are dated back at least a century but are nicely restored as so not to hurt the value of the antique. Kings of Old has many rooms with lots of antiques and collectibles to search through. They are open from ten to five, every weekday and truly have something for every one. They have a collection of artwork that can not be found anywhere else throughout the area. Furthermore, they have some of the first vinyl records ever produced and released from Motown Records, Atlantic Records and EMI artists. If you would like to do some early Christmas or birthday gift shopping for children, they have the first releases of Power Rangers and Sailor Moon on VHS. Among that, they are also the only sellers in the area who have Catskill Game Farm signs. You are sure to find many collectibles and lost pieces here during your vacation at your Windham Inn.

Foxglove Floral
5446 State Route 23
Windham, New York 12496
(518) 734-4430‎

It is not everyday you walk into an antique store, expecting many dated materials, and encounter the smells of orchards and blossoms. This here is no ordinary antique shop. This store doubles as a flower shop. One can walk in with an idea for the perfect gift and be surprised to find something else that may be just as equally satisfying. This store has been part of the Windham Shopping choice for over twenty years and grows every year. You can find gifts for the whole family. Early Christmas ideas, coming baby showers, school events, recitals and anniversaries make this a one-stop shop. You will find handcrafted baskets, living room décor and a variation of small jewelry. You can order gifts online and have them delivered in no time. They have one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed on all products, so if there is something wrong with the product or flowers, you can take it back to the store, or ship it back, be able to get your money or trade it in for something else or the same thing. They have a great team that will assist you. The staff of men and women take as much timed needed with you and know what they are doing, allowing you to spend more time figuring what it is you would like.