Taste Some Fresh Wines at the Baldwin Vineyards in Pine Bush, NY

The residents of Pine Bush love to indulge themselves in a delectable wine or two, especially since Baldwin Vineyards makes this part of New York its home. Baldwin Vineyards is a popular winery, making wine for the citizens of Pine Bush and other New York residents since 1982. It has over 35 acres of grape varieties. The Vineyard is part of the Shawangunk Wine Trail, which gives guests access to several vineyards and wineries in one tour. While you're there, here are some the must-try products of Baldwin Vineyards as recommended by BBOnline.

Baldwin Vineyards
176 Hardenburgh Road
Pine Bush, New York 12566
(845) 744-2226

Strawberry Wines

Baldwin Vineyards' most prized product so far is its strawberry wines. This fruity concoction has won many accolades from the press. While Baldwin produces about 15 different varieties of fruit wines including cherry and raspberry, strawberry is by far the most popular. Some would describe it to be just right in flavor without the overly sweet or syrupy sensation of most strawberry wines. You can enjoy this wine in a variety of ways, from drinking it as is or pairing it with all types of chocolate desserts.


One of the most famous products for Baldwin Vineyards is the Gold-Medal Chardonnay. There are several reasons why this variety is very popular. The process involves the right aging in French Oak barrels. The wine in itself is very light with a fruity appeal.


Although some might consider the vineyards' port to be quite expensive at $35 a bottle, many say it's well worth it. The color alone will tell you that this is the genuine thing. The beautiful garnet is an indication of the warm sensation it ultimately gives drinkers. Ports are not usually available for wine tasting but if you really are insistent, check out their schedule and book a room at a nearby Pine Bush Inn to make it easier to go to the vineyards.

Joseph's Vintage

For those who want to taste something different other than the fruit wines that Baldwin Vineyards makes, there's always Joseph's Vintage, a semi-sweet wine. Joseph's Vintage is a type of Riesling which is ideal for those who want a certain dryness to their wines, perhaps a result of the late harvesting of the grapes. The name Joseph was taken from their grandson's name.

Ice Wine

Even the residents of Pine Bush are bowled over by Baldwin Vineyards' Ice Wine. Coming from a variety of Rieslings that have not been harvested but left in their branches to be iced, Baldwin's Ice Wine is of a nice sugary variety.

There are a lot of wines in the Vineyard to choose from such as Illusions, which is best served with chicken, Apple Wine that is best served for pork dishes, Claret which is an elegant wine for romantic dinners and Merlot that is a safe option for when you don't know which wine to serve. To enhance your charming and rustic weekend stay, book at a nearby Pine Bush Bed and Breakfast to get a feel for the local community while you're there.