A Guide to the Restaurants in Pine Bush

If you're going to visit New York, Pine Bush should be in your itinerary. This hamlet, located in Crawford town in Orange County, offers a plethora of exciting outdoor activities and interesting attractions. It's also overflowing with excellent dining options that will give you a taste of authentic New York cuisine. While staying at your Pine Bush Bed and Breakfast, you'll want to visit some or all of the following choices.

Pure City
100 Main St
Pine Bush, NY 12566
(845) 744-8888

Pure City is one of Pine Bush's most popular vegetarian restaurants. It combines healthy goodness and appetizing taste in one package. The restaurant's culinary gourmet style is evident in its wide array of lunch specials, dinner entrees and heavenly desserts. The options revolve around rice and noodles as well as dishes made of vegetables and veggie soy protein. The chef assures only natural and vegetarian soybean ingredients are used in creating the dishes. There is no trace of fat, cholesterol or MSG. The atmosphere is also wonderful. You'll love the tranquil ambience, soothing music and wooden Chinese furniture and decor. 

Antonia's Pizza and Italian Restaurant
2512 Route 52
Pine Bush, NY 12566-7013
(845) 744-2324

Go to Antonia's Pizza and Italian restaurant and taste authentic dishes such as spaghetti, ravioli, fettuccine, and of course, pizza, which comes with a wide array of topping choices. Anchovies, bacon strips, BBQ chicken, beef, tomatoes, steak, green peppers, jalapenos and even lettuce—name it, they have it. You will also enjoy the quiet ambiance in the restaurant, which is a good break from the hustle and bustle that New York is famous for. This restaurant also offers delivery service.

The Cup and Saucer Diner
82 Boniface Drive
Pine Bush, NY 12566
(845) 744-5969

One must-not-miss eatery in the area is The Cup and Saucer Diner. It's not a surprise that someone would put up a business with this name, since Pine Bush is the world's second UFO capital. The Cup and Saucer serves out-of-this-world meals that will captivate your senses in more ways than one. Be sure to try the moussaka (eggplant topped with ground beef and bechamel sauce), pastichio (baked mac and ground beef drizzled with bechamel sauce), spinach pie and Greek salad combo, steaks and chops served with either soup or salad, and veal cutlet parmigiana.

Culinary Creations Cafe    
52 Main St
Pine Bush, NY 12566
(845) 744-5220

Culinary Creations Cafe, owned by chefs Phil and Michelle, serves some of the best gourmet dishes in Pine Bush. With so many choices on the menu, choosing what you want to eat for that day can prove to be a challenge. Some of the recommended dishes include ricotta stuffed rigatoni, angelhair and arugula, grilled chicken on capellini chardonnay, shrimp and chicken boca on fettuccine, wasabi grilled salmon sandwich, and the Greek style turkey salad. Do not miss this place while staying at your Pine Bush inn.