Penn Yan's Best Fishing Spots

If you're looking for outdoor adventure in the state of New York, you should visit the town of Penn Yan. Things to do for outdoor enthusiasts in this town are abundant, and they range from hiking and biking to camping and fishing. The town is a very popular destination among anglers, because it's located in the Finger Lakes region. BBOnline recommends these great Penn Yan fishing spots.

Keuka Lake
East Lake Street
Penn Yan, New York 14527

Keuka Lake is the third largest of all the Finger Lakes, and it's situated just south of Penn Yan. Things to do at this wonderful lake include swimming, boating and fishing. The shape of the lake is like the letter “Y”, and it measures close to 20 miles long. Its deepest point is about 180 feet, and it has very clear waters as well as a good supply of oxygen at all depths. As such, it provides excellent habitats for a wide variety of fish.

The lake is known as a great spot for trout and bass fishing. It is populated with rainbow, brown and lake trout as well as smallmouth and largemouth bass. Other species that are present in the lake include the northern pike, yellow perch, pumpkinseed, bluegills, bluehead and black crappie, which can be found in the weedy and shallow areas at the northern end of the western arm of the lake, as well as the southern end. There are also 4 different types of salmon in the lake, and the most dominant specie is the laker.

You can either fish from the shore or charter a boat to take you out to the deeper parts of the lake. If you wish to charter a boat or hire a fishing guide, you can ask the staff at your Penn Yan Bed and Breakfast for recommendations.

Seneca Lake
Dresden, New York 14441

Seneca Lake is situated about 5 miles from Penn Yan. Things to do for angling enthusiasts in Penn Yan should include a trip to this lake, because it offers excellent fishing opportunities. Seneca Lake is the biggest and deepest Finger Lake, with a total water surface area of more than 43,000 acres and a maximum depth of close to 620 feet. The length of the lake from the northern to the southern tip is more than 38 miles, and its average width is about 3 miles.

Seneca Lake is home to many species of fish, which include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, northern pike, perch, rock bass, chain pickerel, sunfish, crappie, bullhead, white sucker, bowfin, carp, lake sturgeon and channel catfish. The presence of smelt and alewives ensures the survival of salmon in the lake. Stocking of brown trout, lake trout and salmon is done annually by the state.

To get to Seneca Lake from your Penn Yan Inn, you should travel northeast on Clinton Street. This street will become Highway 54 later, and it will lead directly to the town of Dresden, which is located just beside the lake.