Albany Events & Attractions Aren't Far from Jamaica

There are many Albany events and attractions to see around the area while you are staying at your Jamaica Inn. The selection events throughout the year can keep you very busy on your vacation. You will not have a dull moment while you are enjoying the fresh air and small city life excitement of Jamaica!

Albany Aqua Ducks Amphibious
‎Broadway & Clinton Avenue
P O Box 446,
Albany, New York 12201
(518) 462-3825‎

Once everyone has settled into their Jamaica Bed and Breakfast room, you are set and ready to head to this lovely attraction and see the views of the area. The narrator is wonderful to listen to. He gives awesome facts about the sights you pass and describes everything in detail for you to understand. There is something new for everyone to learn about. People of all ages will enjoy it. They give you quack-er to wear around your neck that goes with the theme of the boat ride. On the last part of the tour, you get to go under water and see the city above you. We recommend adding this fun adventure to your list of Albany events to see that will have you energized to see more!

Schuyler Mansion Historic Site
‎32 Catherine Street
Albany, New York 12202
(518) 434-0834‎

If you are a history lover, you should add this stop to your list of Albany events and attractions to visit. This National Landmark was once the home to General and U.S. Senator Philip Schuyler. The General named it The Pasture for the view it had of the Hudson River. It was built after he acquired a great portion of land that covers a good bit of the city. In addition, it was previously used as an orphanage, one of the many reasons the government thought it should be a National Monument.

Spectrum 8 Theatres
‎290 Delaware Avenue
Albany, New York 12209
(518) 449-8995‎

If you are looking to see a thrill, then this is your spot. They show films here that are provocative and thought provoking. Much of the work present is from independent talent and foreign moviemakers. Mostly college students visit, for it offers an alternative to the big budget commercialized films played by most theaters. In addition, they have a concession stand on the premise that offers a variety of choices beyond the normal candy selection.‎

Capital Repertory Theatre
‎111 North Pearl Street
Albany, New York 12207
(518) 462-4531‎

This resident theater is a lovely spot while visiting your Jamaica Bed and Breakfast. They put on many shows for local high schools, working closely with the school board to see to it everyone has a chance to experience the enjoys of the stage. They have won many awards for the work they do and the excellence of the shows they put on. Many programs offer a chance for anyone and everyone in the community to try their chance at a life in the spotlight. Among other great things they do, they also have a contests throughout the year.