Three of the Best Hyde Park Attractions

Nestled in the sleepy corners of Vermont, Hyde Park is a welcomed retreat from the dizzy whirls and distracting city stone; with horizons soaked in tree shadows and mountains rising steady, it is no wonder that Hyde Park attractions are favorites of all. Let this charming shire bring you the rare relief this season. And let BBOnline offer the best 3 destinations there to find.

1. Applecheek Farm
567 McFarlane Road
Hyde Park, Vermont 05655
(802) 888-4482

This organic treat will prove a perfect compliment to any summer day. For over 40 years, Applecheek Farm has provided both Vermont and the country with an abundance of naturally-grown produce and stock. From raw milk to organic turkey to emu oil, it seeks to offer alternatives to the often questionable products made so easily available to use. And, since 1993, it has allowed guests to wander its acres and discover all its beauty. Be amazed as you move from your Hyde Park Inn and are greeted by a wide selection of animals and agriculture. Experience farming in the purest way. It's a happy pastime in your happy destination. Reservations are required, however. Group tours must be scheduled.

2. Hyde Park Opera House
5 Main Street
Hyde Park, Vermont 05655
(802) 888-4507

Cradled among branches and brambles, this grand Opera House will amaze any who enter. A tangle of velvet, gold and old-world sophistication, it will surely charm. Since its conception in 1781 (it began as the Town Hall but was changed in 1954), it has stood as a symbol of elegance. And now it also stands as a pleasure. With a roster stuffed with Broadway delights and comedic joys, it will easily satisfy all cravings for the theater. Travelers are encouraged to find an evening to devote to it. Such devotion will be a simple thing, however, with low ticket prices and an open schedule. $18.00 per adult and $12.00 per student are the only costs. No other fees will be charged, providing you with the chance to focus on the experience, not the price.

3. Jane Austen Weekends
100 Main Street
Hyde Park, Vermont 05655
(802) 888-6888

From your Hyde Park Bed and Breakfast, take a leisurely journey to the Governor's Home; a stately expanse of colonial beauty and pristine lawns. While tours are available all year, there is one special attraction that will surely impress: the Jane Austen retreat. Here, literary friends and fans will gather, spending their days discussing prose and its many meanings. It is a gentle excursion and one unlike any other. Carriage rides will delight. Afternoon teas will satisfy. And a plethora of books, films and more will be presented. It's not to be missed. Schedules vary, however, and appropriate planning should be made. Each activity, if not chosen as a package deal, will have differing prices. Contact the box office to determine your choices.

With Hyde Park attractions, you receive more than just a holiday. You receive an experience. This is a destination like no other - quaint and clever and perfect for those needing more than the maddening crowd.