Highland Things to Do: A Night on the Town in Dance Clubs

Highland things to do are usually linked to the great outdoors and the town's close proximity to the Delaware River. Despite this, several clubs have sprung up in recent years, offering Highland Inn guests the unique opportunity to party after a long day of outdoor fun and adventure. Although Highland has a couple dance clubs, many people decide to travel a mile or two to get to the city of Poughkeepsie. Below are 4 BBOnline approved clubs in and around Highland that are exciting and lively.

3353 Route 9W
Highland, New York 12528


Primetime is one of the most popular clubs in Highland. It's primarily a dance club, although live music and bands will occasionally play at the club. Although the club accepts people of all backgrounds and lifestyles, it is primarily a gay and bisexual dance club. It's located right next to the Hudson River, and offers beautiful views of the water at night. In addition to a massive dance floor, Primetime boasts 2 full service bars as well as hired male and female dancers. On weekends, Primetime offers unique events such as drag shows and "Filthy Fridays." Primetime is certainly one of the more exciting and lively Highland things to do.

CB Lighthouse
180 Vineyard Ave
Highland, New York 12528

CB Lighthouse is one of the quieter and more intimate club bars in Highland. Although many people come to CB Lighthouse to grab a drink, there are occasional club nights where DJs come to play the newest and hottest music. It's very popular for its dart night as well as its happy hour drink specials. Many travelers come to CB Lighthouse early in the night, before hitting one of the larger clubs in Poughkeepsie. CB Lighthouse also has a ladies' night every few weeks where girls can drink for cheap. Because CB Lighthouse is cash only, it is important that you always bring money with you before heading out.

Ciboney Cafe
189 Church Street
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601-4114
(845) 486-4690

Ciboney Cafe is a wonderful club, located in Poughkeepsie. The club is less than a mile from Highland, making it convenient to either walk or drive to. Ciboney Cafe is famous for offering some of the best live music acts in the country. With a massive stage that showcases the name Ciboney in big cursive letters, many people come to dance and drink. Ciboney serves a large selection of wines and beers, making it the ideal place to both drink and dance. After a long night of dancing in Poughkeepsie, driving back to a Highland Bed and Breakfast is never a bad decision.

33 Academy Street
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601-3314
(845) 454-1113

Aegean is a hot and exclusive club, located in downtown Poughkeepsie. Although Aegean is known for its large bar and club nights, there are select times during the week when it offers teen nights. Many people have sweet 16 parties for their daughters here, or simply drop their kids off for a night of safe and fun dancing. There is a special VIP area in Aegean that can be rented for a fee. Highland things to do have never been more exhilarating.