Enjoy a Day at Hobart Beach Park in Northport, Close to Eatons Neck

Hobart Beach Park lies just off the southwest coast of Eatons Neck on Long Island Sound, NY. It stretches out like an eagle's talon into both Northport Bay and Huntington Bay. Staying at an Eatons Neck inn will bring you within walking distance of Hobart Beach Park.

Hobart Beach Park
1 Birmingham Dr.
Northport, NY 11768-1005
(613) 754-9533

Hobart Beach Park is located in the Eatons Neck area of Northport in Suffolk County, New York. The park is commonly known by local residents as Sand City. It is open daily from Memorial Day until Labor Day, from 8:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Lifeguards are on duty from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Non-residents pay $15 per day for parking and daily permits for beach access are $25, as of 2011. Restrooms and showers are available. Pets, alcohol and fires are not allowed in the park. Hobart Beach Park has a lot to offer visitors. Not only does it have a beautiful, long beach front, but the park features a children's playground with jungle gyms, slides and swings, a basketball court, a boat launching ramp, picnicking areas, water skiing, motor boating and fishing. Boats can dock and enjoy the park or can be launched from the boat ramp into Huntington Bay. If you are only looking for relaxation you can just pack a lunch, grab a deck chair, and set up a spot on the beach to sunbathe.

Physical Activities at Hobart Beach Park

If you are feeling more energetic you can go for a swim under the watchful eyes of the lifeguards, start a rousing game of beach volleyball, shoot some basketball at the court in the parking lot, get in some waterskiing or play with the children in the playground.

Birdwatching from Afar

At the very tip of Hobart Beach lies the Sarah H. Ruppert Water Bird Park Preserve. Visitors can view the birds from afar while lounging on the sand at Hobart Beach Park, but are not permitted in the preserve. The preserve was named after a local environmentalist who died in 2005. The Sarah H. Ruppert Water Bird Park Preserve attracts piping plovers and least terns, which set up their nesting grounds there.

Local Attractions near Hobart Beach Park

If Hobart Beach Park doesn't offer you enough variety to fill an entire day, you can also visit some nearby Long Island areas such as Duck Island Bluff, the Norwalk Cove Marina and Wood Hollow Equestrian Beach. There are many beaches on Long Island, but none are like Hobart Beach Park. You can see water on all sides of the park and feel like you are on a small private island far away from civilization. It is definitely worth a trip to Eatons Neck to see this beautiful sand city. After spending a day at Hobart Beach Park, you can return to your Eatons Neck bed and breakfast to rest and think about doing it all over again tomorrow.