East Hampton Travel Guide to Fun Attractions

When it comes to East Hampton travel, there are a lot of things to do and see. In fact, with all the attractions available in the area you should never get bored when you step outside your East Hampton Bed and Breakfast. From museums to parks, there is something in the area that should make everyone smile and feel good about their decision to visit the Hamptons for some rest, relaxation and a great time.

Home Sweet Home Museum
14 James Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937
(631) 324-0713

It is thought that the house was built in the early 1700s, and aside from making sure it still stands, there is not much that has been done to the structure since it's inception by the English settlers who built it. Visiting the museum takes you back in time and allows you to experience what it was like so long ago in East Hampton.

The Longhouse Reserve
133 Hands Creek Road
East Hampton, NY 11937
(631) 329-4299

If you are into relaxing and checking out one-of-kind exhibitions, you won't want to leave the Longhouse Reserve off of your East Hampton travel itinerary. Featuring a beautiful waterway along the front of the museum, you can stroll through the area and find old African ceramics, organic stoneware, and other art throughout the garden areas. If you are up for it, head out to the Longhouse in the evening before going back to your East Hampton Inn, and take the twilight tour.

Playwright's Theatre of East Hampton
130 Talmage Farm Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937
(631) 324-4050

At this guild hall, you have the opportunity to see the newest plays and be able let the producer, writer and actors know how you felt about it. This is a great opportunity to become a part of the community and have a good time watching an entertaining show at the same time.

Two Mile Hollow Beach
Two Mile Hollow Road
East Hampton, NY

This is one of the few beaches found along the coast that offers a lifeguard and restrooms during your visit. This makes it a perfect spot to have a picnic and some fun in the sun without having to worry about safety, especially if traveling with young children. This is also one of the more popular beaches in East Hampton because of the wide open sandy spots and clear, warm water.

East Hampton Golf Club
281 Abram's Path
East Hampton, NY 11937
(631) 324-7007

No East Hampton travel itinerary is complete without visiting the ever popular golf course in the area. Even if you are not an avid golfer, you will find that the stunning views and fresh air make it worth a visit. There is even a practice range that can offer a lot of fun if you aren't up for an entire 18 holes of golf. Proper attire is required so men need to wear slacks and a collared shirt; women should wear a dress, skirt or slacks themselves.