3 Must-See Dundee Attractions

The Dundee attractions are pleantiful in this central Ohio town. The area is known for its scenic and picturesque beauty year round. During the summer the lush greenery of the forest and parks offer a connection with nature. The winter months with the snow capped trees and a blanket of white, transform the area into a winter wonderland paradise. Finally the fall arrives with the vibrant colors that can line the landscape as far as the eye can see.

1. The Fort Lauren's State Memorial
Bolivar, Ohio
(330) 874-2059

For a taste of local history BBOnline recommends the Fort Lauren State Memorial. The Fort Lauren State Memorial was named in honor of Henry Laurens who was the president of the continental congress. It is small but one of the more moving of the Dundee Attractions. Fort Laurens was built in 1778 to serve as the headquarters for an attack on the British in Detroit. The men in the fort suffered terribly as supplies were disrupted during a month-long siege with Indians that were in the grips of British control. To survive the men had to eat boiled moccasins. Only the outline of the fort remains today. However there is a small museum on the site which houses some of the artifacts that were unearthed during the Fort's excavation. Fort Lauren was abandoned in 1789 and was never manned again. Park officials often host war reenactments for the public to view. The area is also ideal for a picnic and offers excellent facilities.  There are remains of the soldiers that died during the siege buried on the site at the "Wall of the Unknown Patriot." Learning the many touching legends is just one of the advantages of staying in a Dundee Inn.

2. Wilderness Center Inc.
9877 Alabama Ave, Southwest
Wilmont, Ohio 44689
(330) 359-5235

For a great place for couples, children and even the family dog, BBOnline recommends The Wilderness Center Inc. At The Wilderness Center, visitors will enjoy a wide array of treats. It is one of the best Dundee attractions which brings visitors back time and time again. Parents and children will love the observation rooms where various species of birds and a few other local animals can be viewed. There is also a nature store dedicated to preserving wildlife. The wilderness Center also offers exquisite picnic areas and facilities. There are miles of hiking areas with panoramic views of the area. Most of the trails are pet friendly but visitors are asked to please clean up. The wilderness Center is free to the public and offers a great day out for the entire family. A Dundee bed and breakfast will not be far off the wilderness center. It could be the perfect end to a long day of trail blazing.

3. Yoder's Amish Farm
6050 SR 515
Millersburg, Ohio 44654
(330) 893 2541

For a walk back through time BBOnline recommends Yoder's Amish Farm. Guests young and old will love the activities on offer at this authentic 116-acre, fully functioning Amish farm. Buggy rides, an Amish bakery and courses on Amish cookery are available. The farm is family owned by the Yoder family who aim to educate the public into the ways of the Amish people. The farm is a short drive from Dundee and promises to be an enriching experience for all.