Discover Amazing Ocean Grove Surf Spots

Ocean Grove surf spots are often easy to find, depending on how good of a surfer you are. Although Ocean Grove is a very small community, tucked away on the Jersey Shore, it has numerous beaches that surfers love to explore and interact with. While Ocean Grove Beach is the major beach in the area, there are several nearby beaches that offer massive swells and intense currents throughout the year. If you happen to be staying at an Ocean Grove Inn, chances are you will be able to walk right out onto Ocean Grove Beach.

Ocean Grove Beach
Ocean Grove, New Jersey 07756

Ocean Grove Beach is the most popular and convenient beach here. Because the town is so small, almost all local surfers and swimmers head here to work on their tans and boarding skills. The swells are known to decrease during the winter months, so the summer is usually the best time to visit this popular beach. The center of Ocean Grove beach is where most casual surfers and swimmers go. If you're an experienced surfer looking for an amazing Ocean Grove Surf spot, both ends of the beach are virtually empty and ideal for surfers looking to catch a lot of waves. Although this is a casual beach, there are Ocean Grove surf competitions that are put on by the local surf shop each year.

Bradley Beach
Bradley Beach, New Jersey 07720

About .8 miles from Ocean Grove is Bradley Beach. Offering many of the same conditions that Ocean Grove Beach is known for, Bradley Beach is popular with locals who are looking to get away from the chaos that is often associated with Ocean Grove. The waves at Bradley Beach are from a sand-bar that breaks right to left. The spot is designed for everyday surfers and the conditions are consistently good throughout the year. The normal length of the waves at Bradley Beach is anywhere from 50 to 100 meters. Although Bradley Beach is less than a mile from any Ocean Grove Bed and Breakfast, you might want to drive to the beach if you're planning on staying the night in Ocean Grove.

Asbury Park- Second Avenue Beach
Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712

Asbury Park, New Jersey is the famous hometown of Bruce Springsteen. In addition to being the title of Springsteen's first album, it also serves as an adequate Ocean Grove Surf spot for beginners and novice surfers. The quality of Asbury Park waves could best be classified as sloppy, and usually changes depending on the weather. Waves range from 50 to 150 meters, depending on the day, and many Asbury Park surfers like to take casual rides on these waves. Because Asbury Park is not a place for serious surfers, it has emerged in recent years as a place for surfers who are experimenting with their craft. The waves are exciting and the ocean bottom is sandy in this part of the Atlantic, making it perfect and safe for beginners. For experts, the 8th Avenue beach is the best spot to surf on this side of town. Asbury Park is also less than a mile from the town of Ocean Grove.