Which Ocean City Biking Trail Is for Me?

Labeled "America’s Greatest Family Resort," Ocean City features 8 miles of bay and beaches for water sports, 2.5 miles of boardwalk with 2 amusement parks and other attractions, and a downtown district where shopping and dining choices abound. Among the many Ocean City things to do, one that stands out is biking around the island. Proving that it can also be "America’s Greenest Family Resort," the city has developed a number of bike routes as part of its commitment to the protection of natural resources and sustainable development. So while checked in at your cozy Ocean City bed and breakfast, make it a point to hop on a bike and explore the treasures Ocean City has to offer through these bike routes.

Biking Ocean City, New Jersey

The Boardwalk

Spanning 2.5 miles, Ocean City's popular boardwalk will give bikers fantastic ocean views, away from vehicular traffic. There are distance markers every ¼ mile and bike riding areas are distinctly indicated on this open air wooden track. However, because pedestrian traffic is heavy during the summertime, biking hours from 5 am to 12 noon are enforced during the summer months.

Haven Avenue Route

Having opened in the spring of 2008, Haven Avenue Route is a "Share the Road" trail, the city's first step in creating a more bike friendly community. Running from 9th Street to 34th Street, it interconnects the Transportation Center, the Cultural and Community Center and points of interest such as shopping areas, playgrounds, ball fields and other attractions where Ocean City things to do abound. It is the best North-South route, designed specially for those who want to enjoy a safe leisurely ride.

West Avenue Route

Running from 12th Street to 55th, West Avenue Route is designed for advanced bikers who are comfortable and adept in riding alongside vehicular traffic and parked cars. When taking this bike trail, be alert, wear bright colors and use lights or reflectors at night.

Connector Routes and Loops

These "Share the Road" connectors can be found at 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th and 29th Streets.

Over the Ocean City - Longport Bridge

This short but steep over the bridge will bring bikers to 2 famous spots: a well-liked fishing pier on the left and Dog Beach on the right.

Howard Strainton Wildlife Refuge

For bikers who are also wildlife lovers, this 16-acre nature preserve provides opportunities to observe a diversity of marshland birds and waterfowl at nest, rest and play.

Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail

Situated at 51st Street and Bay Avenue, Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail will give visitors an access to various Ocean City things to do. There, you're not limited to biking. You can also hike, fish, crab and enjoy Ocean City's beautiful sunsets.

Corson's Inlet State Park

Located at Ocean City's southern tip, Corson's Inlet State Park has 341 acres where you can bike and observe the migration of monarch butterflies, ducks, geese and dolphins. There are several access ways: Beach Access is at 59th Street and Central Avenue, while Bay Access is ½ mile south of 56th Street on Bay Avenue.

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