Under the Boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey!

Ocean City, New Jersey bed and breakfast visitors have a multitude of activities at their beck and call including the famous Ocean City Boardwalk, the ever popular Gillian's amusement parks, beach activities and so much more!

Ocean City Boardwalk

6th Street to St. James Place
Ocean City, NJ 08226

oceancity1.jpgPhoto from: City Data

The famous Ocean City Boardwalk attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with its shops, amusement park rides, eateries and ice cream parlors. The Boardwalk stretches two and a half miles along more than eight miles of beach along the Jersey Shore. In the early morning, joggers and bicyclists can be found along the way, while afternoons on the Boardwalk are filled with pedestrian traffic. In the evening, the Boardwalk comes alive with the lights and sounds of music from the amusement parks and open air concerts and entertainment.

The Ocean City Boardwalk is FREE for the public to access. Bicyclists are restricted ride from 5am to Noon.

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Gillian's Wonderland Pier and Island

6th Street
Ocean City, NJ 08226


Photo from: Way Marking

Whether it is at Gillian's Funland of Sea Isle City, Gillian's Glow in the Dark Mini Golf or in the Thrill Zone; visitors to Gillian's Wonderland Pier and Island are sure to experience fun for the entire family! Gillian is a name that has been associated with the Ocean City Boardwalk for more than 70 years all the way back to the Fun Deck at Plymouth Place in 1930 before amusement parks became popular.

Gillian's Wonderland Pier is open daily from Noon to 6pm - although times are extended during the summer months to 7pm. The Pier is a pay as you go park. You purchase coupons and each ride is a specific number of coupons. Coupons never expire and can be used during multiple visits.

Pirate Island Golf

112 E 9th Street
Ocean City, NJ 08226

oceancity3.jpgPhoto from: Pirate Island Golf Website

No matter what time of the year it is, everyone loves a good game of mini golf! In Ocean City, New Jersey, one of the premier locations is Pirate Island Golf and for the past 16 years has been voted best mini golf in South New Jersey. Players will not only experience a challenging game of mini golf, but will also be entertained by animated pirates, waterfalls, suspension bridges and pirate ships.

Pirate Island Golf is open from 9am to 11pm (seasonal hours). Admission and play is $7 per person.

Snicklefritz Reef

7th Street
Ocean City, NJ 08226


Photo from: Goldcoastsir.com

Snicklefritz Reef is a popular scenic beach location that offers an excellent location for surfers. Snicklefritz Reef features an open sand area for sun bathers, easy access to the water. Surfers enjoy the swell and walls that can reach up to ten feet. It is not unusual to find a beach volleyball game in play as well as many other outdoor and water activities.