Three Cape May Award-Winning Beaches

When looking for Cape May Things to Do, remember that one of the best activities available in this little town is simply to go and enjoy its many beaches. Boasting fantastic stretches of pure white sand contrasting with cool, dark blue ocean waves, Cape May is situated in an ideal location at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, between Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The city does require beach tags for a reasonable price, and the beach rules are a bit more strict than in other areas. These restrictions are a small price to pay compared to the clean, fresh water, relaxing environment and accommodating facilities you'll experience just minutes from your cozy Cape May Bed and Breakfast. For some ideas of where to go, BBOnline recommends these three phenomenal beaches that shouldn't be missed during your Cape May vacation.

The Cove Beach

The Cove Beach provides the perfect reason to get out of your comfortable Cape May Inn for the evening and see a spectacular sunset. The ocean horizon seen from this popular beach is completely unobstructed, allowing for a panoramic view of the sky as the sun dips below the horizon. Sunset along The Cove is the perfect time for a stroll along the smooth beach sand with a loved one. During the day, the beach is still relaxed, but more crowded with the out of town folks. Plenty of kayakers and surfers can be seen dotting the water's edge; at The Cove you can choose to just lay on a towel in the sand and watch the action, or join in the fun by renting a kayak or bodyboard. Swimming is a bit difficult, as the water is not always calm, but dipping your feet in the water is always pleasant. Don't forget to take a look at the excellent daytime view of the famous Cape May Lighthouse.

Decatur Street Beach

For great food and drinks, the Decatur Street Beach is the place to go according to BBOnline. You can alternate basking in the afternoon sun with eating a tasty meal and sipping on a refreshing drink at the Fin Bar, Cabanas or Martini Beach, among others. This beach is within view of the historical Victorian style houses typical of Cape May. It's also within walking distance of many of the cozy bed and breakfasts of the town. Swimming, boating and sunbathing are the most popular activities here, and fully trained lifeguards are always keeping an eye on things. After an afternoon at the Decatur Street Beach, you can head back to your Cape May Bed and Breakfast stress free and with a full belly.

Poverty Beach

If what you want is total peace and tranquility among the soothing sounds of the ocean waves crashing over the sand, BBOnline recommends Poverty Beach. Never crowded or noisy with kids, this beach can offer you a sort of sanctuary from the stresses of daily life. Being as there are few visitors, the amount of wildlife to be observed is impressive. Birds, crab, fish and even dolphins can be viewed at Poverty Beach. Other perks include an available shower facility and free parking. Even if it's far from your Cape May Bed and Breakfast, it's worth the trip.