Cape May Seafood Restaurants with Mesmerizing Ocean Views

Picture it: You're sitting in your beautiful Cape May Bed and Breakfast and cannot decide on which of the wonderful Cape May restaurants you'd like to try first. Well, we at BBOnline recommend the following few we have researched that serve good food with a mesmerizing ocean view.

Ocean View Restaurant
235 Beach Ave
Cape May, New Jersey 08204
(609) 884-3772

If you're looking for good food and a great view, this is the spot for you. When you dine here, you get decent sized portions for your money. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, catering to all in the family. The hosts are welcoming and charming, giving you time to look over the menu and providing feedback to different dishes and specials going on.

Bloody Mary's Bar & Grill
1035 Beach Ave
Cape May, New Jersey
(609) 884-7000‎

This decent restaurant provides you fresh seafood and exotic dishes. They have appetizers, kid menus and tropical entrees. There's a happy hour that includes discounted food prices, with a view of the beach and ocean. They have a bar stocked with a variety of beverages and little sandwiches to fit the drink. If you are on your way to your next attraction or sightseeing tour, this is a great place to get a bite to eat for the road. In addition, if you find time to stop by again at night, you can enjoy the great music played and a little dancing with your loved one.

Ballyhoo's Restaurant
1045 Beach Avenue
Cape May, New Jersey
(609) 884-5611‎

With a beautiful view of the ocean, this restaurant is sure to impress you. The menu is a mix of different dishes, including Brazilian, and offers fresh seafood from local fishermen. They have a cocktail bar stocked with beverages that come with little fruit inside. Being next to the ocean, the atmosphere is calm, the staff is great and the inside décor is charming.

Pier House
1317 Beach Ave
Cape May, New Jersey
(609) 898-0300‎

With a glamorous décor, outside seating and a charming staff, this is one of BBOnline's recommended top picks for dining out while at your Cape May Inn. It's a contemporary seafood restaurant with a beautiful ocean view. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and provide a cocktail lounge with a large selection of beverages. They offer salads, an assortment of fish dishes and numerous desserts, naming only a few of the meals offered on the menu. This is a nice spot to have a lovely date or anniversary.

Harbor View Marina
954 Ocean Dr
Cape May, New Jersey
(609) 884-5444‎

Though this restaurant is not directly on the beach, this seafood establishment is one that should not be overlooked. It offers the same great views as the others, and has good seafood at an affordable price. The upstairs dining is perfect to see the ocean and observe the harbor. The food is affordable and there's a diverse menu.