Explore LBI Beaches while Vacationing in a Beach Haven B&B

The LBI beaches provide acres of waterfront that is open to visitors. Because of its beautiful beaches, this region has become a beach lover's paradise. Here are a couple of New Jersey beaches you can visit while you're in Beach Haven.

Beach Haven

Beach Haven boasts a large population of surfers and beach lovers. There are several LBI beaches here, but this one is one of the most popular among tourists. The beach can be accessed from any street. Taylor Avenue has a perfect toddler beach and also has a playground equipped with swings and other rides. Start early from your Beach Haven Bed and Breakfast to spend some quality time here.

Harvey Cedars

Drive for 20 minutes from your Beach Haven Inn and enjoy the offerings at Harvey Cedars Beach. One among the LBI beaches, Harvey Cedars Beach is apt for those looking for an energy packed atmosphere. The beach plays hosts to a gathering of youth and young adults, especially during the summer months. It is high on action owing to the volleyball and baseball matches held during the weekends. Other facilities like restrooms, fitness tracks and outdoor showers are provided. If you are accompanied by kids, the bay area on 77th Street will be apt.

Ship Bottom

This beach is merely 12 minutes away from Beach Haven and is aptly referred to as a family beach. You can enjoy the ocean waves at this beach. The nature of the waves makes it a surfer's paradise. The waves are not rough, and lifeguards are on duty round the clock at Ship Bottom Beach. There are several carnivals and events that take place on this beach. From family oriented games like beach volleyball or water polo to making a sand castle, this beach is a lot of fun.

Surf City

The Surf City Beach is home to vacationers from all over the country as well as world class surfers. To maintain the safety of the visitors, the beach has designated an entire stretch for surfing. This surfing zone stretches from North 1st Street to North 3rd Street. The rest of the beach is open to all visitors. This beach is safe for the entire family because the water is shallow and does not have a strong current. You can swim to your heart's content here.

Barnegat Light

The southern part of the town houses beaches that have easy access roads. There are several stretches of beaches in this area, and most of them are family friendly. There is ample parking available even during the peak seasons. 25th Street in Barnegat Light has a beach front dedicated for kids. The water is shallow and the sandy playground gives the kids an opportunity to freely enjoy the offerings of the beach. The sunset is the most alluring aspect at this beach. The golden sun casts a spell on the visitors as it disappears into the horizon.