Spend the Day Fishing in Absecon Bay

Absecon Bay is a very small inlet that is located off the coast of Absecon in New Jersey, United States. What is interesting about the Bay is that it does not directly face the Atlantic Ocean as it is well-hidden from the land formation of the Atlantic City thereby creating a land barrier between the bay and the ocean. For this reason, it is characterized of having calm deep waters perfect for fishing. Here are top 5 fishing spots in this bay.

Absecon Inlet
Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Absecon Bay is blessed with a tiny inlet that adjoins Atlantic City to the rest of New Jersey. The Absecon inlet is the best spot to fish for flounder, bluefish and weakfish. Moreover, fishing for striped bass in the area is also possible. The good thing about the inlet is that fishing enthusiasts are given the option whether or not to charter a boat in order to fish as there are bridges, fishing piers and jetties in the inlet which allows fishermen to cast their tackle directly into the deep blue sea. You can enjoy a day of fishing while staying at your Absecon Bed and Breakfast.  

Absecon Creek
U.S. Hwy. 30 Bridge
Absecon, New Jersey

Another great spot for fishing in Absecon Bay is to go upstream to the Absecon Creek. The creek is a wide river that is a great venue to fish for trout swimming upstream. The best place to fish on Absecon Creek is on top of the Highway 30 Bridge where the water is calm and deep. The banks of the Absecon Creek is also a great spot for fly fishing.

Up the Creek Marina
139 East Faunce Landing Road
Absecon, NJ 08201-1807
(609) 272-9252‎

The Up the Creek Marina is a small marina that is located in the Creek of Absecon near the river's delta. The marina has rowboats and bridges where fishermen can have different options on the type of fishing they want to do. They can do kayak fishing and fly fishing. The marina offers a bountiful stock of trout and other freshwater fish.

Absecon Creek Boat Ramp
Absecon, New Jersey 08201

The Absecon Creek Boat Ramp is another portion near the bay of Absecon where people can fish for estuarine fishes. The boat ramp offers rowboats and motorized boats for people to fish in the estuarine area off the ramp itself. Moreover, the bank along the ramp itself is a great spot for fishing small estuarine fish.

Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
Absecon, New Jersey 08205
(609) 652-1665

A wildlife refuge in Absecon, the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge is a great place for fishing. There are a lots of marsh lands that surround the area of the park. The 43,000 acres of protected coastal habitat is home to a lot of saltwater birds as well as fish like flounder, sea bass and weakfish. However, only a limited number of people are allowed to fish in the park as it is a marine protected area. You might want to go fishing here while staying at your Absecon Inn.