Discover the Nightlife around Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

Sugar Hill New Hampshire has always been a vacation spot not only in the present but in the past as well. This town served as a Victorian resort by the affluent in the olden days because of its breathtaking views of the White and Green Mountains. If you are planning a visit to Sugar Hill New Hampshire, you will be interested in checking out the nightlife scene here. There are not many pubs or nightlife venues right in Sugar Hill, so you will have to do a little bit of traveling to get to the other places that offer some nightlife.

Melanie's Bistro
641 Bishop Road
Lisbon, NH 03585
(603) 838-6118

This nearby bar and restaurant is a wonderful location to spend one of your nights out while enjoying your vacation in Sugar Hill New Hampshire. This cozy nightspot is a great place to enjoy good food and fine drinks with friends and family. This bistro has a great selection of wine and beer that will impress even the most selective wine connoisseur. Melanie's is located close to your Sugar Hill Inn.

Ninety-Nine Restaurant and Pub
687 Meadow Street
Littleton, NH 03561
(603) 444-7999

This chain-restaurant and pub has locations all over New Hampshire and is one of the popular places to enjoy an evening while staying at your Sugar Hill Bed and Breakfast. The pub has a wide range of drinks to choose from. With entertaining bartenders and the variety of drinks that are available, you are sure to have a great evening here. The signature drinks in this establishment are the different kinds of margaritas and "sangritas" that are a cross between a margarita and sangria that are only available at the Ninety-Nine.

Bailiwicks Fine Restaurant Wine and Martini Bar
111 Main Street
Littleton, NH 03561
(603) 444-7717

This is one of the more upscale restaurants and bars nearby Sugar Hill. This classy evening spot has a diverse food menu that ranges from gourmet American dishes to tasty and attractive Japanese. The wine selection showcases great wines from all over but is extremely popular because of its great tasting martinis. Whether you like it shaken, not stirred, Bailiwicks is the place for you.

Liam Shaw's Pub & Fine Foods
87 Wallace Hill Road
Franconia, NH 03580-4900
(603) 823-5426

Liam Shaw's is themed after the traditional British pubs and is perfect for spending long nights out with your friends. You will have to travel off the beaten track to get to this pub but the trip is all worth the effort because of the great food and drinking experience this establishment provides.

Above the Notch
729 Main St
Franconia, NH 03580
(603) 823-8077

Above the Notch is a fabulous nightspot that serves sumptuous appetizers and great tasting concoctions that will fuel you through a night out on the surrounding area of Sugar Hill New Hampshire. This restaurant and bar has several TVs surrounding the bar where you could watch a sporting event with family and friends while sipping on a few drinks.