North Conway Things to Do: 4 Trails for Beginners

North Conway things to do are usually based around some type of outdoor activity. From hiking to biking, guests of a North Conway Bed and Breakfast are sure to find a lot of exciting things to do. Because North Conway is a CDP in New Hampshire, there is a full time population of less than 3,000. The winter months are snowy and usually not ideal for novice hikers. Below are 4 unique hiking sites and trails for beginners.

Kearsage North
Rte 103 From I-9
(603) 456-3808

Kearsage North boasts a 6.2 mile hiking trail that is perfect for novice hikers. In addition to being a relatively easy trail, many beginner level hikers enjoy the trail's close proximity to the center of North Conway. The mountain has amazing views of the region and allows travelers to bring their own food for a private picnic. In terms of North Conway things to do, this is certainly one of the more mild hiking trails in the region.

Mountain Pond Trail
Latitude: 43.89889
Longitude: -71.46472

The Mountain Pond Trail is quiet and serene, located near North Conway. The trail is extremely short, only 2.8 miles. It's ideal for hikers looking to take a quick trip around the pond. The trail reveals a unique landscape as well as a beautifully preserved pond. Many people camp next to the Mountain Pond Trail. With ample places to set up your tent, it's the perfect place to stretch out under the stars. Although it is often tricky to find, you can get directions from an employee at your North Conway Inn.

North and South Doublehead, The Old Path and Ski Trail
Latitude: 44.161734
Longitude: -71.13285

North and South Doublehead are two unique mountain peaks, located near North Conway. Three distinct trails lead hikers to the tops of both peaks. If you are looking to hike the entire trail, you're in for close to a 3.9 miles. Although it is a bit of a climb, two of the trails merge at the northern summit. The northern summit is a beautiful viewpoint where many travelers like to take photos and hang out in the cabins that surround the area. It is also possible to purchase select refreshments at this summit. Views of Mount Washington are available from the north summit. North Conway things to do have never been more beautiful!

North Moat Mountain
Rte 103 From I-9

North Moat Mountain is a hike that will test any novice hiker. Despite the strain of the actually hike, the skill set required to hike the mountain is actually not that comprehensive. The hike rises in elevation to only 3,200 feet, making it easy to breath at the top of this long hike. Amazing panoramic views of the region are available to anyone who hikes to the top of the mountain. All in all, the hike takes usually between 6 and 7 hours and covers a little less than 10 miles. If you are a beginner who is feeling well rested, this might be your next challenge.