Explore Jackson's Old Colonial Architecture

A picturesque resort town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Jackson is home to a good deal of historic buildings, both residential and commercial. Thus, when in Jackson, things to do are aplenty - from biking, hiking, canoeing and horse back riding to snowshoeing, ice skating, cross-country and downhill skiing to exploring the town's old colonial architecture. So don't stay holed up in your Jackson bed and breakfast, no matter how cozy it may be. Take a trip around town and see history come alive through these historic buildings.

Wentworth Castle
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Constructed by General Marshall C. Wentworth and his wife, Georgia, in 1891 as a summer hideaway perched above the town, Wentworth Castle has the grandeur of a Victorian manor house. The moment you walk through the gate, you will see the beauty all around, from the castle walls and conical turrets in stones of earthen colors to the lush forest that surrounds the place. Inside, you'll witness quintessential old world craftsmanship from the wainscoting and floors to the mantle and pilasters, to the 6 bedrooms and 4½ bathrooms and their luxurious furnishings. If you're in Jackson with things to do such as weddings and retreats, the castle can be rented.

Wentworth Hall

Sometime around 1880, General Wentworth began to plan the expansion of the town's hotel complex using the principles of a "cottage system." Wentworth Hall was to be the core of a collection of 9 separate cottages. When it was complete in 1883, the hall, designed by New York City architect William A. Bates, was said to be akin to an "English manorial hall of Queen Anne’s day." When General Wentworth died in 1915, the hotel complex was sold to Nathan and Estelle Amster. It thrived for a time but started to decline in the early 1960s. By 1971, it was temporarily closed and boarded up. Six years after it was bought by Earnest J. Mallett, Jr. in 1982, Wentworth Hall was acquired by Fritz and Diana Koeppel. To this day, it continues to be an elegant Jackson inn, one of the four remaining grand resort hotels of the 30 that once stood in the White Mountain region.

Wentworth Cottages

When in Jackson, things to do must include visiting and photographing the 4 early Queen Anne cottages along Route 16B - Thorneycroft, Arden, Sunnyside and Wildwood, all designed by William A. Bates. Completed in 1881, Arden Cottage was designed as a model for the cottages that were to follow. Erected 4 years later, Thorneycroft Cottage is a 2½-story building with wood shingles. It is connected via covered piazzas to Wentworth Hall and Arden Cottage. The 2 other cottages built the same year, Elmwood and Glenthorne, no longer exist. Wildwood Cottage, built in 1889, was originally situated on the edge of the Wildcat River but was moved in 1931 when a stone bridge was constructed over the river. Sunnyside Cottage was the last building constructed while the Wentworths owned the property. Though built in 1915, it matched the other Queen Anne cottages. Renovated in 1999, it now houses 4 rooms.