A Visitor's Guide to Jackson's Taverns and Pubs

When the day has been full of excitement visiting your Jackson Bed and Breakfast, it only makes sense to continue with the Jackson Nightlife. If you still want more fun after a packed day, we have found a few taverns and pubs in the area that really know how to have a swinging good time, that keeps the fun going into the late hours!

Shannon Door Pub
19 Spencill Hill Rd
Jackson, New Hampshire
(603) 383-4211‎

This cute Irish pub offers a lot to its customers. They have a warm atmosphere and keep the lights dim. It is a perfect spot for a get together or a romantic evening with your spouse. They are also part restaurant, so you are able to enjoy the scenes of the pub, carry over to the dining area and have a bite to eat. The bar is stocked with a variety of beverages from all over. The menu is simple with an assortment of burgers and hot wings. They have little appetizers and a few desserts that really taste out of this world. They serve pizza that will shock you coming from an Irish pub, and the slices you get are worth the money. They hold many events throughout the year, so the chance of you visiting on the day of an event is very likely. Of all the pubs in Jackson nightlife, this one stands out for the merging of good times and nice food.

Red Fox Pub
49 US Route 16
Jackson, New Hampshire
(603) 383-4949‎

We could not mention Jackson nightlife without speaking of this place. When you visit a Jackson Inn asking for a nice place to go to after the sun has gone down, there is a chance they would point you in the direction of the Red Fox Pub. They have all kinds of hot wings, some very mild and those that can have you running for a lake. The steaks are delicious, cooked as close to perfection as a human can get. Something different is the squash dish they serve. It is very light and rich, a bit of a shocker. They also have a children's menu, if you wanted to bring the kids with you on your trip. The prices are very reasonable, great service from the waiters and they have beer for days!

Shovel Handle Pub
357 Black Mountain Road
Jackson, New Hampshire
(603) 383-8916‎

If you seek a warm and soft atmosphere, this is your place. They have a diverse menu, everything from lobster cakes to hot wings. They have tasty subs and wraps. They have steaks cooked with awesome ingredients that add such flavor to the food. They have many specials throughout the week; one favorite is the chicken dish. They have many beer selections that are cool and refreshing. This is a nice spot with great prices. The owner makes sure his customers are pleased with the service they get.