Your Guide to the Best Bradford Restaurants

Bradford restaurants are well-known for the hospitality and warmth extended to the guests. There is nothing snooty about the restaurants or the people in this beautiful city. The food served at the restaurants in Bradford are highly influence by the local culture. BBOnline recommends the following restaurants in Bradford.

63 High Street
Bradford, New Hampshire 03221
(603) 938-2100

Bradford restaurants are a true celebration of the local culture. The most popular of the Bradford restaurants is the Appleseed. It is known as a restaurant with a heart. The ambiance exudes warmth and the seating is extremely comfortable. This restaurant is located right at the center of Bradford. Ask for directions at your Bradford Inn. This restaurant was initially a farm house. Today, it serves delicious food. From creamy soups to chicken nuggets and onion rings. The grilled chicken, turkey sandwich and sirloin steaks are addictive.

Bradford Junction
Route 14
Bradford, New Hampshire 03221
(603) 938-2424

Known simply as 'The Junction' amongst locals this restaurant offers great food a great prices. The restaurant serves large portions. The waiting staff are warm and strive to give the visitors an unforgettable dining experience. Hop out of your Bradford Bed and Breakfast and head to The Junction, to have breakfast fit for royalty. The interiors are done up well with wooden booths and local influences. The breakfast menu features bacon and sausages cooked on the grill. The smell of coffee will fill your sense with delight.

Pizza Chef
107 E. Main St.
Bradford, New Hampshire 03221
(603) 938-2600

Having more than 25 years of culinary experience this restaurant is a treat to the pizza lovers. The Bradford restaurants are famous for its Italian cuisine and this restaurant should definitely be on your list. The pizzas here burst with flavor. The sauce is the secret ingredient that adds magic to the pizzas. The topping list comprises seafood, mushrooms, chicken, meat, etc. The restaurant also serves pastas and other Italian favorites.

Thistle and Shamrock
11 W. Main St.
Bradford, New Hampshire 03221
(603) 938- 5553

The Thistle and Shamrock is a well-known Inn in Bradford. It houses a famous restaurant. The Thistle and Shamrock will give you an opportunity to peep into the local culture and fine cuisine. Not only does the restaurant feature local specialties but it also caters to a pallet that is not familiar with the Bradford cuisine. The interiors are done up well and the waiting staff are highly cordial. You can lounge around at this restaurant, listen to the soft music playing in the background and enjoy the meal over a glass of wine.

Rosewood County

67 - Pleasant View
Bradford, New Hampshire 03221
(603) 938-5253

This Inn houses the Rosewood County restaurant. It is located on a hill top and offers the most romantic scenic views of Bradford. It is famous for the breakfast menu which boasts of muffins, fruit yogurts, pancakes etc. The maple syrup is made at the restaurant from scratch and tastes heavenly.