Visit the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Co in Virginia City

One of the most special attractions of Virginia City, Nevada is the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company tour. There are two options. The first is the three-hour Carson City to Virginia City tour and vice versa, which operates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The second one is the 35-minute round trip Virginia City to Gold Hill and back, with seven trips every day. BBOnline recommends that you take this historic tour to allow you to catch a glimpse of the other attractions included in it.

Virgnia & Truckee Railroad Company
360 Washington
Virginia City, Nevada 89440

F Street Depot Car

Just a few minutes away from your Virginia City Inn is the F Street Depot Car, which marks the beginning of the Virginia City to Gold Hill Tour. It is also the last stop for the Carson City to Virginia City tour. This train depot is three blocks away from the historic C Street, which is lined with 1860s and 1870s buildings, reminiscent of those times when Virginia City was a booming town of millionaires.

Comstock Mines

The original use of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad was to transport silver and gold to the mills from the mother lode. The mines were named in honor of Henry Comstock who claimed the property after the death of the original founders. They mined gold and silver ore which cost more than $2,000 per ton in 1859 and turned Virginia City into the richest town. The railroad was built when the gold and silver had to be ferried out. Coming back, it carried lumber and other supplies that the booming town needed. The Virginia City to Gold Hill tour will take you through eight of the mines.

Gold Hill

Gold Hill is where the Comstock gold strike began. The town had more than 8,999 residents during the prosperity period of 1868 to 1888, during the height of the silver ore mining. The tour includes a look at what is left of Gold Hill such as Nevada's oldest hotel, the Gold Hill Hotel and the original train depot. When you go back to your Virginia City Bed and Breakfast, this is one place that will stay in your mind as a remembrance of rich days gone by.

American Flat

This was another booming town during the silver ore strike, which housed a lot of the mining population. It was the place where the capital would have been transferred but the move did not materialize. American Flat is the location of the historic American Flat Mill Site, which is now in danger of being torn down.

Overman Pit Embankment

One of the highlights of the Carson City to Virginia City tour, the Overman Pit Embankment is where 300,000 cubic yards of fill were used to fill up an open mine pit. This was one of the reason why the railroad could not be lengthened before but today, it is where the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company tour passes by on its way to Virginia City.