Valparaiso Travel: 5 Activities to Try around Town

Valparaiso travel will give you a worthwhile time in Nebraska. The peaceful atmosphere of the area as well as the dozens of recreational opportunities you can enjoy while you're here will give you a wonderful experience. Staying at your Valparaiso inn will allow you to engage in various kinds of activities such as those mentioned here.

Tour de Nebraska
3155 Tihen Circle
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502
(402) 421-1401

Bicycling is the top activity in this part of Nebraska. One of the most popular cycling tours is with Tour de Nebraska, which is organized and hosted by Rich and Susan Rodenburg. The couple, who also owns a bicycle store called Bike Pedalers, bring biking enthusiasts in from all around Nebraska. This activity will show you the incredible beauty of the rural parts of the state. The starting and end points of the tour are in the nearby town of Lincoln. The hosts ensure that you have everything you need throughout the trip. They even have a staff of mechanics going around during the tour as well as sag wagons stocked with water and fruits. It's one part of the Valparaiso travel that you really shouldn't miss.

Oak Creek Trail
Brainard, Nebraska

The Oak Creek Trail is a 12-mile stretch of outdoor activities and breathtaking views of oak woodlands and highlands. You can enjoy jogging, leisure walking, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling and even cross-country skiing, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Since the trail is also inhabited by wildlife species, you can do some birdwatching and wildlife observation during your hiking adventure. This nature trail is only 12 miles from Valparaiso.

Meadowlark and Wildwood Lakes
Raymond, NE

Another natural attraction that is a few miles from Valparaiso is Meadowlark and Wildwood Lakes. They're located off Nebraska's Highway 79, Northwest of Agnew. This park offers various activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, birdwatching and wildlife viewing. The management of the park strives to conserve, develop, and preserve the natural resources of the lake park. Visiting this park will definitely complete your Valparaiso travel.

Red Cedar Lake
Valparaiso, NE
(402) 476-2729

Valparaiso also has its own stunning lake park that comes in the name of Red Cedar Lake. This site is a 175-acre park that has a 51-acre lake. The vast land and lake areas offer recreational activities like fishing, hunting, hiking and wildlife observation. Like most natural parks, this one also has grandiose surroundings that will make you want to take pictures every minute. Be sure to visit this place while staying at your Valparaiso Bed and Breakfast.

Timber Point Lake
Brainard, NE

The Timber Point Lake is also located in Brainard. It's a long stretch of land that has a 29-acre lake. This lake is bustling with different fish species like bass, bluegill and catfish so you can expect that fishing is a favorite activity inside the park. Aside from this, you can also have fun with hiking, wildlife viewing, hunting and picnicking.