Your Guide to Nebraska City Golf Courses

This guide to Nebraska City golf courses will give you some valuable information on the golf opportunities that are present in the area. You can choose between several public and private golf courses with varying sizes that guarantee an excellent experience. Here is a complete list of them.

Arbor Links Golf Club
6038 H Road
Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410
(866) 272-7453

Arbor Links is a nice resort-oriented golf club with private access, covering a parcel of 330 acres right next to the popular Arbor Day Farm. Its 18-hole course is acknowledged as offering the best Nebraska City golf experience. The course impresses with its expansive greens and fairways, and challenging layout. The landscape is defined by wide and open rolling hills and the nature views are stunning. The Arbor Links Golf Club is a really calm place, where you can play golf in a relaxed and undisturbed setting.

Wildwood Golf Course
1101 Wildwood Lane
Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410-3332
(402) 873-3661

The Wildwood Golf Course is the oldest one in Nebraska City. It has 9 holes with a par of 36. Access to this golf course is public and the rates are very affordable. Most of the holes are surrounded by beautiful pine and walnut trees, creating a very pleasant atmosphere for playing golf. The sand bunkers and water hazards near some of them guarantee for a nice and challenging golfing experience as well, so don't hesitate to visit this course close to your Nebraska City Bed and Breakfast.

Table Creek Golf Course
5633 I Road
Nebraska City, Nebraska 68410-3359
(402) 873-7710

The Table Creek Golf Course is an excellent place to play, especially if you're staying at a Nebraska City Inn with your whole family. The adjacent Table Creek Clubhouse is a great place to relax with your family after finishing a game. The course has 18 holes with splendid greens, fairways and tees. The sand bunkers and water hazards are placed strategically, so that players of all abilities can have a challenging round. The existing wooded areas around the course create excellent views.

Fremont County Golf Course
2281 US Highway 275
Sidney, Iowa 51652-6099
(712) 374-2347

The Fremont County Golf Course is located in the nearby state of Iowa, just 15 miles west of Nebraska City. This is a 9-hole, par-36 course that is open to the public and offers a nice golf experience. The course doesn't impress that much with the surrounding scenery, but with the condition of its greens and fairways, which are maintained really well, it ensures a great game of golf.

Lake Ridge Country Club
1536 Country Club Cir
Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048-4865
(402) 235-4653

The Lake Ridge Country Club is another nice Nebraska City golf option. It is located only a short drive north from the city and has 9 holes with championship-sized greens. Both beginners and advanced golfers will enjoy its layout, as you can find strategically placed water hazards, sand bunkers and rolling hill fairways on most of the holes.