5 Activities to Try in Glendive along Yellowstone River

Glendive is the county seat of Dawn County, Montana and is located between the Yellowstone River and the Makoshika Badlands. This river is nearly 700 miles in length and is the biggest in Yellowstone County. BBOnline recommends the following activities in Glendive.

Paddlefish Fishing
Yellowstone River
Glendive, MT

Glendive is known as the Paddlefish and Caviar Capital of Montana, with paddlefish in the Yellowstone River. Fishing for paddlefish is not done using the traditional fishing method, since these fish eat only microscopic organisms. Heavy duty equipment is used to snag them. The paddlefish average weight is 55 pounds, although there have been some weighing more than 100 pounds that have been caught in Yellowstone. Close to 3,000 anglers come to this area annually to fish. The roe is donated to the Yellowstone Caviar project to be processed into caviar.

Makoshika State Park
1301 Snyder Avenue
Glendive, MT 59330

Just a short drive from your Glendive Bed and Breakfast is Makoshika State Park. It's the biggest state park in Montana, with a total area of 11,500 acres of rugged terrain. It has a lot of dinosaur fossils. A triceratops skull was found in the area in the early 1990s and is currently at the Visitor Center. You can have a picnic, try out the archery and firing range or go hiking on its hiking trails. It is home to the Makoshika State Park Ampitheater which plays host to weddings, concerts, religious services and other events.

Hunting for Agates
Yellowstone River
Glendive, MT

There are a number of Montana moss agates in the bottom, gravel beds and even the banks of the Yellowstone River which runs through Glendive.  The area is well known throughout the world for the great number and the high quality of the plume and moss agates that can be found there. Just a short drive away from your Glendive Inn, there are guided boat tours that will take you out looking for agates.

Bell Street Bridge
W. Bell St
Glendive, MT

The Bell Street Bridge was closed to traffic in 1992. If you want to watch the beauty of the Yellowstone River, the bridge is a great place to do it from. You can walk the whole 1,300 feet and enjoy the view of the river. The bridge connects the business and residential areas of West Glendive on one side of the Yellowstone River and the City of Glendive on the other . The bridge is now currently used for pedestrian crossing, either on foot or on bike. 

Game Bird Hunting
Glendive, MT

Hunting is bountiful in the area around Glendive, not only for big game like mule deer, whitetail deer and antelope, but also for bird hunting. The area close to the Yellowstone River is home to colorful pheasants which live along the ditches and brush near the river. Be careful to observe the pheasant hunting season, though which starts in October and ends on January 1. There are also sharptail grouse, sage grouse, and Hungarian partridges which live in the prairies and hills near Glendive. Merriam's wild turkeys abound in spring. Different birds have different hunting seasons.