Bozeman Fishing: Where and When to Go

Bozeman is known as one of the best places for outdoor activities in the state of Montana. Other than hiking and camping, you can also go fishing at some of the well-known Bozeman fishing spots. The city is located close to many great rivers and lakes, and it offers plenty of fishing opportunities for both beginners and experts. BBOnline recommends that you try these Bozeman fishing spots.

Gallatin River
Highway 191
Bozeman, Montana 59718

The Gallatin River is a very popular fishing destination among locals and tourists in Bozeman, because it's conveniently situated close to the city, and it has an abundance of fish in its waters. It runs for approximately 12 miles from the point where the East and West Gallatin Rivers meet to the Three Forks, where it converges with the Madison and Jefferson Rivers to form the mighty Missouri River.

The portion of the river along Highway 191 is an excellent trout fishing spot, because the temperature of the water is low and there are many boulders to provide hiding places for rainbow and brown trout. The sizes of rainbows and browns in the river range from 12 to 20 inches, and there are also cutthroats, graylings and whitefish. The best time to fish in this river is between late summer and autumn, when the spring flows have subsided.

If you're driving to the Gallatin River from your Bozeman Bed and Breakfast, you should travel west on Highway 191 or Huffine Lane. After about 5 miles on this road, you will reach the Four Corners, where you have to make a left turn to stay on Highway 191. Soon, you will see the Gallatin River on your right, and you can start to look for a good place to fish.

Hyalite Reservoir
Hyalite Canyon Road
Bozeman, Montana 59730

Hyalite Reservoir is another wonderful Bozeman fishing spot that you should try. This scenic 206-acre reservoir offers year-round fishing, and it has good populations of brook trout, yellow cutthroat and arctic graylings. During spring and summer, when the temperature of the water is higher, most anglers do bait fishing, fly fishing or vertical jig fishing. Ice will usually begin to form around late November, and the reservoir will be safe for ice fishing around Christmas time. You're only allowed to fish a maximum of 5 trout a day, and arctic graylings have to be released back into the water. If you need directions to get to the Hyalite Reservoir, you can ask the staff at your Bozeman Inn.

Yellowstone River
Highway 89
Livingston, Montana 59047

The town of Livingston is located about 25 miles east of Bozeman, and it's the place where you can gain access to the Yellowstone River. If you go south on Highway 89 from the town, you will be traveling along a stretch of the river that is famous for trout fishing. You will find good sized rainbows and browns along this stretch, and the splendid scenery makes it the perfect place for fishing. The recommended fishing method for this place is floating, but you can also do wade-fishing along certain sections of the river. Summer and fall are the best times for fishing the Yellowstone River.