Weston Isn't Far from Events in Kansas City

There are a couple of events in Kansas City that you can enjoy if you're staying in Weston. Weston is located about 32 miles from Kansas City and is just about a 45-minute drive. Weston has a population of about 1,700. Here are a couple of events in Kansas City that you might want to witness before leaving Weston.

Renaissance Festival
633 North 130
Bonner Springs, KS 66012
(913) 721-2110

The Renaissance Festival is one of the events in Kansas City that you should not miss. The festival takes place from the first week of September to mid-October. Each week of the festival has a special theme. The festival is a nice event to participate in with the whole family. Some of the attractions at the festival are the King and Queen parade, armored fighting, skits, concerts, puppet shows, dancers, comedians and a wide range of food at the food stalls. You can enjoy this festival while staying at your Weston Bed and Breakfast. Some of the events at the festival include the Pirate's Feast, Queen's Tea, Phantom's Feast, Renaissance Wine and the Renaissance Smoker.

Ceremony of Lights
47th and Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO

If you are staying at a Weston Inn, you should take the drive to Kansas City and enjoy this event.  This is one of the spectacular events in Kansas City where the Plaza is lit up with more than 280,000 lights, stretching to a length of about 80 miles. This an annual event takes place at Thanksgiving. There are several shops and food stalls that are open at the Plaza. It is advisable to come early, because finding a parking spot might not be very easy.

Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival
Kansas City, MO

If you love jazz music, you should visit Kansas City in July. The Blues and Jazz Festival is one of the most popular events in Kansas City. The festival is held for two days and features several blues and jazz bands like Blues Man, Baby Lee, Bo Diddley and Fast Johnny, to name just a few. There is also a food court available at the venue. If you are planning to go to this event, you'll want to take a couple of lawn chairs, sunscreen lotion and some blankets. Tickets are around $25 for both days (2010 prices) and free for children below 10 years of age.

Kansas City Spirit Festival
2100 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, MO
(816) 221-4444

The Kansas City Spirit Festival takes place every September at the Liberty Memorial. This is a 3-day festival that includes workshops, live music, carnival rides, craft booths and a children's play area with games. Some of the styles of music that you will be able to enjoy during the event are blues, jazz, rock, country, reggae and gospel. Entry tickets are around $15 per person.