The St. Louis Arch and Other Downtown Attractions

If you are visiting St. Louis, you might want to visit the St. Louis Arch, is a major attraction in the whole of Missouri. Here are some of BBonline's recommendations for you, attractions that will match up to the opulence of the St. Louis Arch.

Gateway Arch
North 1st St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63102
(877) 982-1410

The St. Louis Arch is the most important and magnificent attraction in St. Louis. Head out from your St. Louis Tavern Bed and Breakfast to view this spectacular attraction. The St. Louis Arch was opened for public view in the year 1967. This 630-foott monument is located on the Mississippi River bank. A 4 minute tram ride will take you to the observation deck at the top of this structure. The tram ride comes with a guide who will share the stories and facts behind the St. Louis Arch. The view from the top is extravagant and will leave you mesmerized.

Grant's Farm
Gravois Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63123
(314) 843-1700

A great way to experience the farming life. Grant's Farm is a 281 acre farmland that offers the visitors an in-depth view into the world of farms. The farm is designed to get visitors close to the animals and the other offerings. From feeding the goats to the animal show, this place is a true tribute to the simple life. The elephant show is a major attraction here, so make sure to inquire about showtimes before you head out from your St. Louis Inn. Camel feeding is also a unique experience for visitors. Free beers are served here and the Grant's Farm staff are always available to assist you.

Missouri Garden
Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63110-2226
(314) 577-9400

This Botanical wonder is the oasis of St. Louis. The entire 79 acres of land has a mystical and romantic feel to it. Bursting with sights of beautiful flower beds and well maintained gardens, this is indeed one of the sparkling jewels in the St. Louis crown. The fragrance garden will transport you into an unknown world. There is nothing monotonous about this garden as it comprises twenty different styles. From Japanese gardens to the tropical rain forest, this place has it all.

Anheuser Brewery
12th Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
(314) 577-2626

St. Louis is home to one of the most famous breweries in the world. The Anheuser Brewery offers an extensive tour of the facility. The tour is complementary, as are the drinks in the hospitality lounge. You will get a rare opportunity to see the production in action and gaze at the high-tech equipment. The gift shop is stacked with unique Anheuser merchandise. The tour gives you a detailed understanding of the history and the effort that goes into the making of the famous beer.

City Museum
North 15th St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63103-1911
(314) 231-2489

This museum breaks the stereotype of being boring. It is three floors of information put out in a fun-filled atmosphere. This attracts the youth to the City Museum. Run by artists, the exhibits here are a true representation of art in modern times. An enchanting forest, aquarium and an architectural exhibits will make the trip worthwhile.