Antique Shopping in Rocheport: Best Places to Go

Rocheport is a beautiful and quaint town, located in the heart of Missouri. The town is known for its beautiful architecture as well as many a Rocheport Bed and Breakfast. Rocheport's downtown is covered in old shops and restaurants. As a result, many people take day trips to this town to go antiquing and to walk along Main Street. After a nice weekend brunch in Rocheport, some like to take advantage of the small window of time that many antique shops are open in Rocheport. Most stores operate from 12 to 4pm, and are closed a few days out of the week. Below are 3 antique shops in Rocheport that are BBonline approved.

White Horse Antiques
505 3rd Street
Rocheport, Missouri 65279
(573) 698-2088

White Horse Antiques specializes in everything from vintage paintings to old pieces of furniture. Although the shop is known for marking up prices on items, it is usually worth it to get a really rare or beautifully preserved antique. In addition to home furnishings, White Horse Antiques sells select novelty items and vintage prints. The store is open during normal business hours during the week, and on weekends. Because the store is privately owned and operated, it is best to call ahead to find out if somebody has stepped out for lunch, or if the store is closed.

Art and Antiques/Blacksmith Shop
605 3rd Street
Rocheport, Missouri 65279-9318

(573) 698-3111

Art and Antiques is a small shop located on 3rd street in downtown Rocheport. The store is full of odd and rare goodies that any collector would love to purchase. Art and Antiques is found in an old Civil War house that has been preserved over the years. In addition to the wonderful antiques and fine art that are sold at the shop, there is a fully functioning blacksmith shop that is attached to the building as well. You can buy items from the blacksmith shop as well as from Art and Antiques. Art and Antiques sell everything from Victorian era furniture to oriental carpets. The store's hours of operation are from 12 to 4pm, Wednesday through Sunday. You can schedule an appointment to visit the shop on the store's off days.

Behind the Times
110 Central Street
Rocheport, Missouri 65279

Behind the Times is another popular antique shop in central Rocheport. Although the store is small, it boasts a large yet selective collection of vintage items and classic antiques. While the store mostly focuses on vintage clothing and design, there are several items for sale in the shop that could be classified as traditional antiques. It is possible to negotiate price at the store, although most of the store's pricing is pretty consistent with that of other vintage clothing shops. Everything from womens' clothes to hats is sold at Behind the Times. The store is open from 11am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Because the store is only open for a few hours on weekends, it is important that you get good directions from an employee at your Rocheport Inn.