Marshfield: A City Full of Attractions and Landmarks

Marshfield city is a great weekend getaway for the entire family. The recreational activities are largely family-centric and are designed to please. From fun-filled museums to art galleries, this place has it all. BBOnline recommends the following top attractions in Marshfield.

Coach Light
340 McNabb Rd.
Marshfield, Missouri 65706-9683
(417) 859-2589

After a king-sized breakfast, venture out of your Marshfield Bed and Breakfast and head to the Coach Light. The Coach Light is the most famous and the largest bowling alley in Marshfield city. It has 16 bowling lanes and the scoring systems are fully automated. It is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. You and your family can have a fun time at this place. You might witness professional bowlers in their element at this bowling center.

Frontier Theater
240 Theater Rd.
Marshfield, Missouri 65706-9118
(417) 859-2776

The Frontier Theater in Marshfield city is a great place for the parents to take their children. Not only will it be a fun filled event for your kids but will be entertaining for you as well. Head out with your family from your Marshfield Inn and witness the spectacular offerings of the Frontier Theater. This attraction in Marshfield city was established to impart knowledge about the past of Marshfield and Missouri to the young generation. The information is communicated in an interactive and fun manner. From a tour of the Indian village to an adventurous hay ride, this place is a perfect getaway for the entire family.

Jubilee Theater
109 Commercial St.
Marshfield, Missouri 65706-2103
(417) 859-2410

If you love the arts then The Jubilee Theater will add excitement to your Marshfield city tour. This theater carries exhibits of Rosalie who is a gifted artist. Her niche is photography and related works. Her work is put up at the Jubilee Theater and attracts art connoisseurs from all over the world. Nature is her canvas and she captures it on camera, all the artistic moments that catch her eye. This theater gives you an option not only to enjoy the exhibits but also to buy them.
Rotary Park
726 S. Marshall St.
Marshfield, Missouri 65706
(417) 468-2310

This park in Marshfield was developed by the Rotary club. It is a great recreational area in the Marshfield city. It is equipped with a jungle themed gym, which will keep the kids occupied. The beach side offers a good venue for some beach volleyball. If you are in the mood for hiking, then this is the place to be. The hiking trails are long and are well marked out. Also you can cycle around the park on the specially designed biking trails. This park houses around 140 species of trees and plants, enough to grab the attention of any nature lover. It presents an excellent backdrop to play soccer and basketball.

City Pool
630 Garst Dr.
Marshfield, Missouri 65706
(417) 468-5110

The City pool in Marshfield is a great place for the entire family. This is a heaven for swimming enthusiasts as the pool is designed according to world class standards. The only drawback about this attraction is that it is accessible to the public only during certain seasons. Do inquire before you head out to this Marshfield attraction.