A Guide to 5 Jefferson City Restaurants

Do you want to know where to find affordable Jefferson City restaurants? BBOnline has researched the local restaurants that offer flavorful combinations and wallet-friendly menus. Save a little bit of money on vacation with the plentiful choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy your vacation in Jefferson City with these dining options.

Gondolier Italian Restaurant
544 East Broadway Blvd.
Jefferson City, TN 37760
(865) 475-9840

Gondolier Italian Restaurant is one of Jefferson City restaurants to offer the finest ingredients in Italian cuisine. Gondolier started in 1974, serving fresh quality pizzas. The menu includes more than 50 authentic Italian options. The Zorba special combination includes a sampler of different styles of meat. The combination comes with gyro meat, chicken souvlaki and fresh Greek salad. BBOnline recommends Gondolier as an affordable restaurant with tasty Italian entrees for visitors to try while staying at a nearby Jefferson City Bed and Breakfast.

El Sazon Mexican Restaurant
221 East Broadway Blvd.
Jefferson City, TN 37760
(865) 475-1100

El Sazon serves authentic Mexican cuisine. BBOnline recommends El Sazon for affordable Mexican entrees with fresh ingredients. The menu includes customer favorites like the chimichangas and fajitas. Locals consistently rate the chips and salsa as the best in town. Visitors staying in a nearby Jefferson City Inn should also try the fried ice cream for a sumptuous Mexican dessert.

Lisa's Country Kitchen
1712 N. Hwy 92
Jefferson City, TN 37760
(865) 471-6535

Lisa's Country Kitchen is one of Jefferson City restaurants serving home cooked meals. Lisa's specialties include burgers and fried chicken. The locals' secret is out about Lisa's affordable menu options and good food. Visitors should try Lisa's for food similar to Cracker Barrel with wallet-friendly prices. Lisa's also serves breakfast that includes three menu items for under $3. BBOnline recommends Lisa's for good food, service and prices.

The Inland Sea

2637 N Hwy 92
Jefferson City, TN 37760
(865) 475-2777

The Inland Sea combines a bait shop with a small restaurant. Visitors can enjoy traditional American food for breakfast and lunch. The pizza is enjoyable. The Inland Sea is one of Jefferson City restaurants that serves sweet tea. The menu includes juicy burgers for grabbing a bite before heading out to go fishing. Breakfast includes some of the biggest biscuits at affordable prices. The Inland Sea owners usually serve the meals, providing excellent customer service to locals and visitors. BBOnline recommends The Inland Sea for a pleasant stop during your vacation in Jefferson City.

Hoagie Shop
147 West Broadway Blvd.
Jefferson City, TN 37760
(865) 475-9612

BBOnline recommends The Hoagie Shop for a variety of hoagies with fresh breads. The hoagies include fresh ingredients for the perfect sandwich. Seasons combine to make a flavorful entrée for lunch or dinner. Try the sweet tea for a Southern style drink. Prices are affordable at The Hoagie Shop. The wallet-friendly options add to any vacation for visitors staying in the local area.