4 Townships to Visit around Starbuck, MN

Starbuck, Minnesota is located on the banks of Lake Minnewaska. There are many small townships in the area that are charming places to visit. These small towns are situated around the lake and each town has its own attractions.

1. Glenwood Township
2 Minnesota Ave. East
Long Beach, MN 56334
(320) 634-3636

Glenwood is a township of about 1,000 that is less than 20 minutes from a Starbuck bed and breakfast on the north side of the lake. Glenwood has a historic downtown area and great views of the lake. Visit the Pope County Museum for a look at the area's history. Andes Tower Hills is also an exciting stop with snowboarding, skiing, and tubing down the tall hills around the lake. Terrace Mill is a historic mill that attracts visitor's with its many events and concerts. There is a grassy area that is perfect for setting up lawn chairs on a bright summer evening. There are many things to see on the grounds such as the arch bridge, stone house, log cabin, and lots of artwork. Glenwood Wayside State Park is also a beautiful place to relax, just north of Glenwood.

2. Blue Mounds Township
Highway 29
Blue Mounds Township, MN
(320) 239-2860

Blue Mounds is only about 15 minutes from Starbuck, Minnesota. You can get there by traveling south on Highway 29. This is a very rural area not far from Glacial Lakes State Park. There is a lake within the park that is great for swimming, boating, and fishing. There are prairies filled with wildflowers and grasses, and many trails in the Blue Mounds area for hikers and horse back riders to take advantage of. Some trails are even open during the winter for snowmobiles and skiers. This township is just south of a Starbuck inn.

3. Ben Wade Township
Ben Wade, MN 56349
[email protected]

Ben Wade is a township near Starbuck, Minnesota that has about 300 people. This township is close to Lake Mitmoen. The lake is small, but you can still catch a few fish in it. There are trails around the lake also. The town of Lowry was originally part of the Ben Wade Township. There are many churches in Lowry, as well as businesses, eating establishments, and shops to explore. The downtown area is filled with historic buildings and quaint architecture. The township is just off Highway 55, which is a major highway leading to many other interesting attractions. The Lowry State Wildlife Management Area is also a great place to spend the day with a picnic area and lots of animals to see.

4. Minnewaska Township
Township Rd. T-83
Minnewaska, MN
(320) 239-4220

Minnewaska is not far from Lake Minnewaska, hence the name. It is also close to the smaller Pelican Lake. The township is ideally located for fishing and other lake activities. There are resorts and beaches nearby for relaxing and taking it easy. You can spend the day at Indians Mounds Park, just north of Minnewaska, where you can see Indian burial grounds and stroll through the grounds of the park. There are picnic areas to rest in and enjoy the day.