A Night in Red Wing's Best Bars and Taverns

Red Wing is a city situated in Goodhue County, Minnesota. The city is popular for its beautiful natural environment and impressive architecture. BBOnline suggests enjoying the unique Red Wing Nightlife at these popular bars and taverns. It is also a great way to meet the locals and enjoy a chat with them. You can enjoy a night out while staying at your beautiful Red Wing Bed and Breakfast.

Kelly's Bar  
530 Old W Main Street
Red Wing, Minnesota 55066-2163
(651) 388-9913

This bar is one among the popular Red Wing nightlife places. Kelly's bar is ideally located near your spacious Red Wing Inn and is a great place to enjoy an evening playing pool, darts or watching a game on the big screen TV while having a few drinks. The bar has a full selection of beer, wine and other drinks. Bar food is also available. Kelly's Bar also has parking available on site.

Bayside Tavern
1516 Old w Main Street
Red Wing, Minnesota
(651) 388-1616‎

If you are looking for a great Red Wing nightlife spot, visit the Bayside Tavern, one of the popular places to enjoy a night out with friends and family. The tavern has a wide range of alcoholic beverages, beers and wines to choose from. You can also pick up some great food at the grill to go along with your drink. Enjoy the evening with a few drinks and some great music.

Mr Bilz
526 Plum Street
Red Wing, Minnesota 55066-2618
(651) 388-8689

Mr Bilz is a great place to enjoy an evening; their rates are very reasonable. One of the hallmarks of this bar is its friendly atmosphere. There is no formal or any particular dress code for this place, anything goes and you can be yourself. It's laid back, casual atmosphere has made Mr Bilz a popular hangout for many locals and regular visitors to Red Wing. It's less than a kilometer away from the Red Wing Amtrak Station.

Jimmy's Pub
406 Main Street
Red Wing, Minnesota 55066-2325
(651) 388-2846

Jimmy's Pub, located on Main Street, is another well known local hangout. It's a great place to enjoy the night before returning to your Red Wing Bed and Breakfast. An evening out at this pub is highly recommended. There are a variety of drinks you can choose from. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, Jimmy's Pub is the right place to be.

B Wells Bar
30106 Scandinavia Avenue
Frontenac, Minnesota 55026-2006
(651) 345-4212

B Wells Bar is located in Frontenac, a 20 minute drive from the Mr Bilz on Plum Street. You can take a short drive over to this bar to enjoy the evening. The place is comfortable and has a well stocked bar with all the popular beers, wines and alcoholic beverages. Taking a drive to this bar will be worth the effort once you get here and relax in the comfortable atmosphere.