Lanesboro Things to Do: Exploring Amish Country

If you are planning to travel to Minnesota for a vacation, you should include a trip to Lanesboro in your itinerary. In the charming town of Lanesboro, things to do are so unique and interesting that you will surely have an unforgettable vacation. This little town has a population of less than 1,000 people, but it has plenty of attractions to offer. It's known as one of the best destinations for outdoor recreation in Minnesota, and it has a vibrant music and art community. It's also famous for its Amish tours. Lanesboro is home to the largest Amish community of the Old Order in the state of Minnesota, and it's the place where you can truly discover the unique lifestyle and culture of the Amish people. BBOnline recommends these activities in Lanesboro's Amish country. 

R&M Amish Tours
Route 2 Box 202
Lanesboro, Minnesota 55949
(507) 467-2128

If you want to learn about Amish culture in Lanesboro, things to do must include going on an Amish tour. Such a tour will bring you to places where the Amish people live and work, so that you can get a firsthand experience of their peaceful and primitive lifestyle. R&M Amish Tours is one of the leading Amish tour operators in Lanesboro, and it offers a fun and educational tour plan that provides a great insight into the fascinating history and culture of the Amish people.

The tour will bring you to about 5 Amish farms and workshops, where you can see how the hardworking and gifted Amish people work in the fields with their horses, prepare food, craft furniture, sew quilts and weave baskets. You will also visit a harness shop and a sawmill, and pass by an old Amish log cabin, a schoolhouse and a wagon shop. As you're touring the Amish country, you may come across Amish people traveling along the gravel roads in their buggies. The tour also gives you the chance to admire the beautiful scenery around Lanesboro.

The Amish are a happy and contented group of people, and they lead a very simple and self-sufficient life. They are religious and family-oriented, and they have no desire to pursue material wealth. At the end of your Amish tour, you will surely feel inspired by these admirable people, and you will return to your Lanesboro Inn with a rejuvenated spirit.

Bluffscape Amish Tours, Gallery and Gifts
207 Parkway Avenue North
Lanesboro, Minnesota 55949
(507) 467-3070

Other than going on Amish tours in Lanesboro, things to do to enhance your Amish experience can include viewing and purchasing Amish crafts. Bluffscape is another reputable tour operator that offers Amish tours, but it also has a great collection of Amish furniture and other items for sale. You can find many finely crafted Amish furniture pieces in the store, ranging from small decorative items to dining room or bedroom furniture. A number of books on the Amish community of Harmony, by Drucilla Milne, are also available. Bluffscape is located close to the Lanesboro Library, so you should have no trouble finding your way there from your Lanesboro Bed and Breakfast.