Lanesboro Shopping: A Guide to Antique Stores

People flock to the town of Lanesboro, Minnesota for several reasons, one of which is the high quality and eclectic Lanesboro Shopping. Thought of by many as the Amish capital of the world, the handcrafted designs and gifts from a time long past fill shop after shop. Anyone from the casual hobbyist to the seasoned collector will find something pleasing to the eye and heart in Lanesboro.

Amish Experience
105 Parkway Ave. N
Lanesboro, Minnesota
Email: [email protected]

Located in the heart of Lanesboro, less that 1/10th of a mile from the town center, BBonline recommends the Amish Experience. For a taste of both newly handcrafted quilts, clothing and dolls as well as old antique Amish furniture, garden implements and gifts, this store can't be beat. Items that would beautifully accent any home seem to be the specialty at The Amish Experience. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturdays 10am to 6pm and Sundays 11am to 5pm. Staying in a Lanesboro Bed and Breakfast would be the perfect way to end a day of Lanesboro shopping.

Olivia's Attic
100 East Coffee Street
Lanesboro, Minnesota 55949

For a marvelous selection of gifts, both new and old, BBonline recommends Olivia's Attic. Featuring high quality, handcrafted furniture both antique and modern. In addition, Olivia's Attic features several other items such as table top decorations, jewelry, clothing and foods. Beautiful ceramic pieces that would beautify any living room, dining room or kitchen are available in abundance. Olivia's Attic also offers its customers the convenience of shopping via their online store. Customers can browse at their leisure for the latest available items any time of the day or night. Placing an order is fast, simple and easy. Olivia's Attic is open Sunday through Wednesday from 10am to 5pm, and Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 7:30 pm. Staying in a Lanesboro Inn can help guarantee you gain the most from Lanesboro shopping.

I Love Antiques
15 West Center Street,
Harmony, Minnesota 55939
[email protected]

For those that desire a quick road trip out of Lanesboro, BBonline re