Whitewater State Park Adventures close to Chatfield

Whitewater State Park is a nature lover's dream come true, as there are so many activities to embark upon. If you are visiting Chatfield, check out these Whitewater State Park adventures. BBOnline recommends the following as activities that should not be missed.

Whitewater State Park
19041 Highway 74
Altura, MN 55910
(507) 932-3007

Rock Climbing

Whitewater State Park has earned a reputation of being a tough and challenging rock climbing spot. The natural terrain makes rock climbing possible and is a thrilling experience. Carry the right gear from your Chatfield Bed and Breakfast and set out on an adventure like no other. You will be trained by professionals on how to tackle the steep and slightly complicated climb. If you are doing it for the first time, you may be sent up with a guide. For the experts, this is the best way to test your skills.

Hiking Trails

Hiking is another fun adventure to embark upon at Whitewater State Park. The trails wind through dense forest and open up into a waterfall. The splendor of the waterfall makes the entire hike worthwhile. The trail stretches for four miles and is well marked out. You can set out on your own or opt for a guided tour. Walk past streams and creeks on this trail and discover the natural beauty of this famous park.


Anglers can have a fulfilling experience at the various lakes and creeks in Whitewater State Park. All year round, the water holds various species of fish. Trout is a regular feature here and anglers can set out on boats to catch the fish. No matter what your fishing technique is, you will (most likely) not return to your Chatfield Inn empty handed. The other types of fish found here are smallmouth and largemouth bass and the likes.


In winter the park transforms into a hub for sports. Skiing in this terrain is thrilling. Regardless of your skill level, you will find this ski zone to be both tempting as well as exciting. The rolling vistas and the thick blanket of snow make this a skier's paradise. Snowshoeing is another popular activity that takes place here.


Whitewater State Park is also great for wildlife viewing. You need to get here early, during sunrise, to witness the animals in action. This is when they come out in the open, and the banks of the creek are a major spotting ground. You can watch as the deer sip on the water and prance through the wilderness. There are several varieties of birds that inhabit this park. If you cannot make it during sunrise, then dusk is another good time to go to the park.