There Are Whitehall Restaurants to Suit Everyone's Taste

The Whitehall restaurants are known for their various cuisines and offer the visitors a culinary treat like no other. Here are a few BBOnline-recommended Whitehall restaurants to suit everyone's tastes.

503 South Mears Avenue
Whitehall, MI 49461
(231) 894-9551

Pekadill's is one of the family run Whitehall restaurants where you will be engulfed with the warmth of homemade food served with great enthusiasm. The soups are truly unique and the chili is served with buttered bread. The sandwiches and wraps come in all different shapes and sizes. The chicken and pork sandwich is delicious. The steak is served on a bed of flavored rice and veggies. Work up an appetite before you leave your Whitehall Inn.

Harbor View Grille
115 N. Mears Avenue
Whitehall, MI 49425
(231) 893-0403

Harbor View Grille is a quaint little restaurant located in the heart of Whitehall. It is known as the perfect getaway among the Whitehall restaurants. The menu features some of the most palate-pleasing dishes. You can walk up to the grill and order meat or fish of your choice. The grill dishes out perfectly cooked ribs and steaks. This restaurant is apt for a family gathering and makes for an entertaining dining experience. The sauces are made from scratch and taste heavenly.

Crosswinds Restaurant
302 S. Lake Street
Whitehall, MI 49461
(231) 894-5658

The Crosswinds Restaurant should not be missed at any cost. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating area is the most preferred, because it has a great view of the water. The food served here is a culinary delight. The seafood is fresh and bursts with flavors. The charcoal grilled shrimps and lobster tail are recommended. The spicy sea bass is served with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies. Make reservations before you step out from your Whitehall Bed and Breakfast.

Big John's Pizza
104 N. Thompson Street
Whitehall, MI 49461-1055
(231) 894-4129

Pizzas, pastas and Italian salads are the main features on the menu of Big John's Pizza. The restaurant has a casual ambiance with couches and bean bags, and the food served here is delicious. The pizza sauce brims with flavors and the toppings and freshly baked crust make the pizzas taste heavenly. The pasta is drizzled with special oil that elevates the dish and tickles your taste buds.

Diamondback Steakhouse
906 E Colby Street
Whitehall, MI 49461
(231) 894-9914

Diamondback Steakhouse is known as the master of steaks. This is a restaurant that has mastered the technique of serving juicy and well-cooked steaks. The ambiance is welcoming and the wait staff makes sure that you have a memorable dining experience. The onion rings, mashed potatoes and fried squid make for great accompaniments.