Find the Most Serene Lake Allegan Fishing Spots

Lake Allegan is a man-made reservoir which is home to some of the best and most peaceful fishing spots anywhere in the state of Michigan. Michigan may have more than its fair share of lakes, but Lake Allegan is something special and is certainly worth a visit.

When visiting Lake Allegan for a fishing trip or for any other reason, you should consider staying in a local Allegan Bed and Breakfast. There are also lots of different lakes, streams and reservoirs which make brilliant fishing destinations nearby Allegan.

Dumont Lake Park

2417 31st Street
Allegan MI 49010
(269) 673-0378

This lake park is located around Dumont Lake. The park itself is 18.6 acres and is a wonderful location for fishing. It's also the perfect place to take your family for a picnic or swim.

There is a 550- foot long beach along Dumont Lake, with picnic tables and grills for catching whatever fish might bite. There are also plenty of things for the kids including playgrounds and modern conveniences. There is also a boat launch facility which is useful if you intend to fish from a boat. If not everyone in your family shares your passion of fishing then this might be the perfect compromise. You can fish while the rest of your family can relax in the serene and beautiful park.

Dumont Lake Site

3106 125th Avenue
Allegan MI 49010
(269) 673-6065

The Dumont Lake Site is another popular place to fish on Dumont Lake. This is a lovely and peaceful location which has plenty of shade. There are plenty of activities for fishing in and around the area. There are also opportunities for boating and swimming which means that there's something for the whole family to do. Accommodation is also available nearby which makes it an extremely convenient fishing destination.

Pike Lake

Near Allegan, MI

Pike Lake is a great fishing location for Walleye and Northern Pike. In order to fish in Pike lake you will need to first apply for a Michigan fishing license. Certain rules may also apply when fishing at this lake which is why it's so important to check before catching anything.

Lake Allegan

Allegan, MI

Lake Allegan is a popular fishing destination for a wide range of different fish. The fish in Lake Allegan might not be the best for eating because there are lots of Cat Fish. However it is a great location to go to fish for fun.

Swan Lake

Allegan, MI

Swan Lake is an ideal destination for fishing. Here you will be able to catch Bluegill, Northern Pike and Large mouth Bass. Swan Lake is a natural and peaceful lake which can help you to spend hours relaxing and fishing.

Twin Lakes

Near Allegan, MI

The twin lakes are two small lakes located close to Allegan. These are popular fishing locations because they are very quiet and peaceful. They also give you the added advantage of being able to choose between different lakes in case the fish aren't biting.

If you're interested in visiting Lake Allegan then check out a local Allegan Inn so that you can enjoy your stay in comfort and peace.